How to improve your screwing and unscrewing skills using Montessori?

How to improve your screwing and unscrewing skills using Montessori?

1/ Understanding the Montessori method

- General presentation of the Montessori method

The Montessori method is a revolutionary educational approach, based on the freedom and autonomy of the child. It was developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian educator and doctor, who firmly believed that every child has a natural thirst for learning. The role of the educator is to prepare an environment conducive to learning, where children can explore and discover at their own pace. Montessori materials are specially designed to stimulate sensory awareness, fine motor skills and coordination, essential for the child's overall development.

- How the Montessori method promotes the learning of practical skills

The Montessori method promotes the learning of practical skills through a series of practical life exercises. These exercises, which include screwing and unscrewing, are designed to help children develop their independence, dexterity and precision. They learn to master each step of the process, from selecting tools to completing the task. With repetition and practice, children gain confidence, skill and independence. They also learn patience and problem solving, while enjoying their game. The caring feedback and encouragement from educators strengthens their motivation and curiosity.

2/ Montessori activities to develop screwing and unscrewing skills

The Montessori method offers a wide range of activities aimed at improving screwing and unscrewing skills. These exercises are designed to stimulate children's fine motor skills, coordination and sensory perception . By using material specially designed for this type of manipulation, children develop their autonomy, their precision and their concentration. The constant feedback and encouragement of their progress strengthens their self-confidence and their motivation.

jouets en bois jeu de construction en bois dévissage pour les enfants apprentissage

(Credit: Montessori screwing board - EcrouVisse™ creative games)

Screw games for children

Screwing games specially designed for children are a great way to introduce driving and unscrewing skills. These games stimulate curiosity, exploration and discovery while strengthening fine motor skills. They also encourage repetition and practice, key elements of the Montessori method.

One of the best examples of games, approved by the greatest specialists, is the EcrouVisse™.

DIY workshops: learning by doing

DIY workshops provide a hands-on learning opportunity for children. They allow them to manipulate various tools and materials, thus improving their dexterity and their skill. By solving concrete problems, they develop their problem-solving skills and their patience. These workshops are also an opportunity for children to demonstrate initiative and independence, valuable skills in Montessori pedagogy.

3/ The benefits of screwing and unscrewing skills

Developing screwing and unscrewing skills using the Montessori method offers many benefits for the education of children. Through this type of learning, children increase their autonomy, their precision and their concentration. In addition, these activities promote the development of fine motor skills and coordination.

Strengthen coordination and manual dexterity

With screwing and unscrewing exercises, children strengthen their coordination and improve their manual dexterity. These skills are essential for completing many daily tasks. In addition, these exercises help to develop children's sensory perception and allow them to acquire better control of their movements.

Understand the principles of mechanical operation

These exercises also allow children to understand the basic principles of mechanical operation. By manipulating Montessori materials, they learn to solve problems and develop their patience and skills. This discovery and this exploration of the world around them encourages their curiosity and their creativity.

jeu de construction en bois jouets en bois montessori dévissage apprentissage enfant

(Credit: Wooden DIY case - Les BricoRigolo™ wooden toy)

4/ How to set up a Montessori learning environment at home

- Create a space conducive to autonomy and exploration

The Montessori method is a well-known educational approach that aims to support autonomy and discovery in children. To create a Montessori environment at home, you must first create a space that encourages exploration and manipulation. This includes implementing simple activities like screwing and unscrewing, which help children develop their fine motor skills and coordination . This type of prepared environment also stimulates curiosity and encourages children to take initiative and demonstrate independence.

- Necessary equipment and child safety

The choice of materials is a crucial aspect of the Montessori approach. Screwing and unscrewing tools must be adapted to the size and strength of the child to guarantee their safety. It is also essential to respect the safety rules to avoid any accident. Furthermore, the material must be attractive and invite manipulation. Finally, it is recommended to carefully observe the child while he manipulates the tools in order to evaluate his progress and adjust the activity according to his development.

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