Are educational toys better than traditional toys?

Are educational toys better than traditional toys?

Are educational toys better than traditional toys?

It’s proven that children need to play for their physical and intellectual development. Indeed, it allows him to have fun and learn at the same time. Furthermore, there are educational toys. However, are they better than traditional toys?

The importance of play in a child’s life

Let's start by talking about games in general. A child needs to play, it’s in his nature. Indeed, he must have fun without thinking of anything else. Both traditional games and educational games can help him find the fun he needs. The difference between these types of games is that the educational toys are well designed.

In all cases, young children need to play. Indeed, even unconsciously, this helps them with their good physical and intellectual development. Of course, you should choose carefully the toys you are going to give your child.

The different strengths of traditional toys

Many parents rely more on traditional games, simply because they believe they are better. Indeed, these are the toys that rocked them during their young age. This is an important point. However, these categories of games and toys have real advantages.

Despite the simplicity of these old toys, they are nevertheless very effective in teaching children. Indeed, they also convey pedagogical and educational values. This helps to develop creativity and imagination. So, with little cars, dolls, disguises or a little rocking horse, your child can give free rein to his imagination and create his world and his own universe. However, you have to be careful because some traditional toys are made of heavy metals which can present dangers for toddlers.

The different advantages of educational toys

Educational toys, as the name clearly suggests, are designed to teach a child something. They are available in many varieties. These are games which have been the subject of specialized study taking into account the needs of the child. If traditional games and toys allow children to learn in a natural way, educational toys do it in a logical way.

So, there are toys adapted depending on the age of the child, games that suit the interests of your little one. There are also educational toys according to the abilities and performances to be developed. So you can choose exactly the games based on these different criteria.

The different categories of educational toys

As we have just mentioned, you have the choice between many varieties of educational games depending on your child's needs.

  • There are construction games for children who need psychomotor stimulation. So, in addition to having fun, they can also develop coordination.
  • There are games that allow you to stimulate the senses. They allow you to exercise visual memories and auditory memories. These games also improve the child’s attention and concentration.
  • There are also educational games that help develop the child's social and emotional performance.

The different varieties of traditional games and toys

Of course, there are also many choices of games and traditional toys. There are the great classics like small planes, dolls, the small rocking horse, the small bicycle, the scooter, small musical instruments, etc. In addition, you have the choice between wooden toys, plastic toys or other materials.

There are also the very popular traditional games such as bobwhite, handkerchief, "cat", who's got it, Marie Stella? Hopscotch, etc. You can very well offer your children traditional games and educational games without any problem. Your children can choose to play with one or the other depending on their mood. Of course, these are just examples, but make sure you make the right choice based on your child's age and interest.

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