Are educational toys more expensive than traditional toys?

Are educational toys more expensive than traditional toys?

Are educational toys more expensive than traditional toys?

Buying toys for your children is not obvious. We would like to give him the opportunity to have fun while developing his different abilities. In this context, educational toys have a very important role. They allow greater intellectual development, but they also have a cost that must be considered. Compared to traditional toys, are they more expensive?

The price difference in types of toys

If we consider the average price of educational toys, they can be more expensive. However, the difference will not be made depending on the types of toys. The brand, the country of production or the material are all elements that can influence the price.

If we take, for example, the brand Playmobil, one of the largest toy manufacturers in France, we can see a clear disparity in prices for toys for girls and boys. However, this observation is made generally. When we actually look at the categories and subcategories, we can find affordable educational games and more expensive traditional toys.

As a general rule, educational toys can take the following forms:

  • Board games,
  • Puzzles,
  • The wooden toy,
  • Games on screens,
  • The book.

Depending on your choice and the preferences of your children, educational toys may be less expensive than classic ones.

Board games: a price close to traditional toys

Among the toys that allow children to be educated in an interactive and dynamic way, we can count board games. Their average price is around 17 euros, which is not that far from a traditional toy, which costs around 18 euros. With a difference of just one euro, your children will be able to enjoy a constructive activity. Additionally, they are generally unisex, suitable for both boys and girls.

You're probably wondering how is a board game an educational game? It allows your child's socialization to develop. Additionally, your child will become familiar with designing a strategy. He will be more and more capable of planning his actions. He will know how to accept defeat while having a competitive spirit. It also allows learning to read. As a bonus, you can play with your children to strengthen family ties.

jeu de construction pour enfant cadeau de noel 2023 jeux éducatifs

(Credit: - Construction game collection)

The wooden toy: an above-average price

Specially recommended for babies, wooden toys are quite expensive. Their price can range from 10 euros to 40 euros. Compared to a traditional toy, this is a bit expensive. With this amount, you will have products that are made in France. Wooden toys can frequently be put in the mouth by your baby, so it is better to know their origin.

This type of toy will provide great stimulation for very young children. The different shapes will attract the child's attention. It will also have an impact on the use of your muscles. The grasping reflexes will be worked when the baby tries to catch it. Its cost is justified by the fact that it provides greater safety for the child. The absence of small parts that could be detached and swallowed is the guarantee of this.

The educational game on screen: an almost free price

With technological advances, screens make it possible to offer children “educational toys”, if in the 80s and 90s, they were only devoted to purely lucrative games. The birth of smartphones changed the situation. More and more educational games are being developed. The applications that will be installed can be free or paid. In case you already use a smartphone, the content can be considered free.

Certainly, this type of game is much more attractive for children, but it is advisable to limit their exposure to the screen. Especially since the number of possibilities is quite significant. It allows you to transform the child's different lessons into fun videos, for example. Mathematics and conjugation will be much more fun with this method. With them, your children will become familiar with technology very early on, which can be considered an asset for their future integration into active society.

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