But what is the bottle puzzle?

But what is the bottle puzzle?

You have certainly already heard of the wooden bottle puzzle, the perfect gift idea for your friends or family members. But why was he so successful?

Let's see together the advantages of this original and designer gift which will allow you to please the recipient. Ready to challenge him with an original, quality product/object?

  • Original gift idea
  • Request patience and perseverance
  • Memory improvement
  • Improves concentration
  • Stress reduction

casse tete bouteille casse tete bois casse tête adulte boutique L'Enfant Malin

What is the bottle puzzle?

The bottle puzzle is an original gift idea with a very simple but fun principle.You will simply lock up / imprison your bottle, whether it is wine or other, in a wooden system requiring thought to be able to deliver the bottle and finally move on to tasting it but not without difficulty.

You will agree that it is a superb gift idea to offer a bottle of wine to your friends or a member of your family for their birthday or a special occasion, right? It's still nicer than offering a pretty bottle of wine in "ordinary" gift wrap or a cardboard box.

This wooden bottle puzzle is a real quality challenge. If the person receiving the gift will have to think about resolving the problem and be thoughtful, otherwise they will not be able to open their bottle of wine to enjoy it. This is why this puzzle is a gift idea that I recommend.

casse tete bouteille casse tete bois casse tete en bois casse tete chinois en bois

(photo credit:@Boutique L'Enfant Malin wooden bottle head puzzle)

Why do puzzles?

✅ Puzzles for adults improve concentration

One of the many advantages of the Chinese wooden puzzle for adults is the significant improvement in concentration. The puzzle is an activity that is often likened to a puzzle and which captures your entire attention to being able to solve it. Which makes it an incomparable tool to work your brain, your thinking until its resolution.

Spending quality time playing in a fun way with a wooden puzzle and wanting to find the solution to solve it will significantly increase your ability to concentrate. There are several types of puzzles, each with its own level of difficulty. Will you find the solution?

améliore la concentration casse tete chinois casse tete bois

(photo credit:@canva concentration reflexion)

✅ Puzzles, tools against stress

We all face stress on a daily basis unless you live self-sufficiently or in a cave. And even. The adult puzzle has the advantage of being a anti-stress  just like the puzzle but how?

When you are focused on finding the solution to your adult puzzle, you will not think about anything else. Which will naturally allow you to relax while getting your brain working. Give yourself a few minutes each day to clear your mind of everything that is happening around you. This will allow you to come out stronger and more relaxed.

casse tete chinois en bois casse tete bouteille anti stress boutique L'Enfant Malin

(photo credit:@canva)

✅ Sense of observation and logic put to the test thanks to the puzzle

By taking the time to solve a puzzle, you will be constantly looking for a solution. Your brain will be racing to solve the riddle. A bit like a game of chess where you will have to make calculations and always be one or two moves ahead. You must observe logically, remember each of your movements as well which will work your memory, your sense of observation and your strategy.

There are countless Chinese wooden puzzles, which will inevitably allow you to find one with an adequate level of difficulty.There are dozens of them so as not to mention them all: the pyramid puzzle, the wooden ball puzzle, the wooden cube puzzle, the ball puzzle, the star puzzle, the case puzzle head. Don't wait any longer to start looking for your favorite puzzle or to give a gift to one of your loved ones to challenge them.You can even find some for children in the educational games category - under children's puzzle collection.

✅ Patience and perseverance at the center of the puzzle.

You've always been impatient, you get annoyed when something doesn't go your way. Well, rest assured, all this can be worked on even in adulthood with varying degrees of difficulty. Looking for the solution to solve a puzzle will require a lot of patience and perseverance depending on the difficulty level, but don't give up when it gets difficult there has something for all levels. It's more than just a game but a real state of mind that you will develop.

Take the time to think calmly, to find the solutions in your head, you are capable of doing it like everyone else. The question now is which puzzle suits you best.

Discover many puzzles on the Boutique de L'Enfant Malin and its puzzle collection. Both for adults and for children.

casse tete chinois casse tete adulte casse tete en bois casse tete bois boutique L'Enfant Malin collection casse tete

(photo credit:@boutique L'Enfant Malin puzzle collection)

How to assemble the bottle puzzle?

Let's now see in video how to set up your bottle puzzle before giving it as a gift. It's quick and easy to set up, whereas finding the solution requires more difficulty. Rest assured, we will give you in the next paragraph the solution to remove the bottle head puzzle. Try not to cheat of course. 😁

Bottle puzzle solution

You have just given a bottle puzzle to a friend or loved one and they still can't find the solution to open their bottle and finally have a drink. Don't panic, here is how to solve this bottle puzzle in 5 fairly simple steps.

🤦‍♂️ Step #1

casse tete bouteille solution L'Enfant Malin

(photo credit:Boutique L’Enfant malin bottle puzzle)

🤦‍♂️ Step #2

casse tete bouteille boutique L'Enfant Malin casse tête adulte casse tete chinois en bois

(photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)

🤦‍♂️ Step #3

casse tete chinois en bois casse tete bouteille casse tête adulte boutique L'Enfant Malin

(photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)

🤦‍♂️ Step #4

casse tete bouteille casse tête adulte casse tete chinois en bois casse tete bois casse tete chinois bois

(photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)

🤦‍♂️ Step #5

casse tete chinois casse tete bouteille casse tête adulte casse tête chinois en bois boutique L'Enfant Malin shopping boutique en ligne

(photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)

With its wooden design, the bottle puzzle like a good puzzle, will undoubtedly be a timeless gift but not only that.
Whether you find it funny or cruel, the bottle puzzle will not leave anyone indifferent. A product in quality wood that will please its recipient. Requiring patience and reflection, the bottle puzzle stands out for its originality. No more offering your bottles in a too classic way.

We hope this article on bottle puzzle was helpful to you. You might also like the article on "What are the different types of Chinese puzzles?" or more generally on Educational games to be found on our blog.

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