Can educational toys be used to help children learn to read and write?

Can educational toys be used to help children learn to read and write?

Can educational toys be used to help children learn to read and write?

educational toys are great tools for developing the different abilities of babies and children. They can help them understand the basis of logic and reasoning while providing the opportunity to have fun. It is also possible to teach him the foundations of written language. To do this, we can break it down into two very distinct parts: reading and writing. Educational games can, for certain specific models, allow these two learnings.

The Montessori educational toy: familiarization with the alphabet

This type of toy is made of wood. It is used in the school of the same name to promote the child's familiarization with the concepts they are studying. It is based on the principle that he must learn at his own pace and in a stimulating environment. The Montessori toy develops their abilities, but above all encourages their curiosity.

To be more precise, the classic form consists of inserting wheat into the corresponding mold. With a variation, you can make the shape look like the letters of the alphabet. The child will have to place the pieces one by one in a platform designed for this purpose. We can go so far as to speak of a puzzle. Additionally, you can color vowels and consonants in different ways. In this way, he will learn to differentiate them. We are in the presence of a first level of classification.

Games to develop reading skills

Once the child knows his Abc, it is advisable to move on to the next step: that of syllable association. Certain specific educational games developed by speech therapists in France should enable this learning. You will be spoiled for choice, as it is a variation of classic board games. You have as an example:

  • The goose game,
  • The lousy ,
  • The lotto.

It is essential that parents are present during play sessions so that the child can integrate the educational side of the activity. Under these two conditions, educational games should enable good learning to read. In addition, with board game variations, the child will have the opportunity to learn by observation. This is one of the most effective ways to implement a given behavior. He will be able to associate the syllables and the phonetics that accompany them.

The ABC Game from L'Enfant Malin:

The wooden letter games offer an educational and entertaining experience. By encouraging creativity and reflection, they stimulate critical thinking while strengthening English language skills. Manipulating the wooden pieces improves hand-eye coordination and provides a calming tactile alternative to screens. In addition, these games promote social interactions, thus strengthening bonds between players.

apprendre l'anglais facile pour les enfants jeu éducatif en bois

(Credit: Wooden Alphabet Letters - Learn English ABC Game™)

Educational games to learn the basics of graphics

Learning to read and learning to write are two activities that may seem similar, but they are based on different mechanisms. To begin, the child must succeed in coordinating his movements so as to pick up a pencil and form concrete shapes. The dotted sets will be ideal for this. This activity is present in kindergarten. At home, learning might be less stressful. Once this stage has been mastered, the child can move on to the formation of letters, the graphics of which are quite rudimentary.

If the child begins to master the art of graphics, you can use other types of games. Start with those that encourage the child to trace letters without the dotted lines. So that the child can associate the letter with his alphabet, certain educational books offer the possibility of associating the traces with the sound that corresponds to them. Other books may use nursery rhymes or even words, but the principle remains the same. In practice, magic can also happen on electric slates.

Educational entertainment to learn both processes simultaneously

Once the child has a fairly good command of writing and reading syllables, you can move up a gear. You can stay on the slates. You can set the educational toy to longer words. The child will not only learn to write, but to read what he has written with the help of the sound that will come out of the speakers. Your child will gradually learn the basics of complex writing.

The baby book can also be used for this task. The child will be stimulated and learn the spelling of words. You can opt for those with illustrations or those with a sound. In France, you won't have too much difficulty getting one. You will find them in particular at Hachette with quality designs.

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