CHRISTMAS 2022: The top 5 educational games at L’Enfant Malin

CHRISTMAS 2022: The top 5 educational games at L’Enfant Malin

Every end of the year, the fateful question arises, what are we going to buy for the children at Christmas? What games for our toddlers? Toys are a must-have part of Christmas Day and the perfect gift hunt is a big task! Parents and loved ones seek to delight children in a way that encourages wonder and honors family time. Here is a selection that will surely help you.  

What was taken into account for this ranking?

The quality/price ratio, their popularity, the benefits and their durability were taken into account to make this ranking.💢  

  • NUMBER 5: The CreaBox™ for creation anywhere!
  • NUMBER 4: Puzzle Box  
  • NUMBER 3: Think about their future with SpeakEasy™
  • NUMBER 2: A touch of elegance and softness with LesZanimals™
  • NUMBER 1: The Best-Seller of 2022 for grandiose creations

Noël Cadeau idée Cadeau jeux éducatifs jouets pour enfants famille moment de partage  parents

(@Canva / Christmas time)

The gift ideas for the Christmas period are not always that obvious for parents. The offers are great regarding toys, the prices and quality vary greatly, so it is difficult to find them!


The CreaBox™ is an educational wooden toy focused on creation for both boys and girls. This wooden box is transportable and easy to store so that your child can keep busy wherever they want.Your travels become just a simple formality with this quality gift.Keep your children busy in a fun and creative way! With 4 different themes, a multitude of colors and very well finished magnetic pieces, your child will have the task of reproducing the different cards provided. Additionally, this toy includes a small velleda board so your child can also learn to draw. A very affordable price considering the quality of the box.

In a few words:

  • Best suitable for ages 4 - 7 ✅
  • Improves reproductive abilities ✅
  • Long moments away from screens ✅
  • For girls and boys ✅
  • Superb perceived value with wooden box ✅

Jeux de construction bloc construction bebe enfant jeu d’éveil bébé blocs silicone motricité fine développement intellectuel jeu de construction en bois famille parentalité jeu éducatif jeu de construction magnetique blocs de construction cube de construction en bois jouet de construction;

(@L’Enfant Malin / Creabox™ assembly game)

With the greatest pleasure your child will have reproduce, create, manipulate and draw thanks to this ultra-compact wooden CréaBox™ game. Parents will be happy to be able to occupy their children other than on a tablet.


A new trend has been confirmed for several years as the end-of-year holidays approach: the adult puzzle!
More and more people are looking for calm and fun activities outside of phone applications. The return to board games but also to puzzles is confirmed. The adult puzzle yes but a new generation of wooden puzzle is now available. A superb gift idea that will delight the person. Whatever their interests, there is a wooden puzzle box for all tastes at L'Enfatnt Malin!

puzzle adulte puzzle moderne adulte puzzle original coffret en bois puzzle bois


A gift like no other! This interactive game is special because it is done in English but we absolutely wanted to put it in this list because of the enormous benefits it brings to the child and its very reasonable price. Parents today all know the importance in the professional world of having a foundation in English. For this it is necessary to start as early as possible for our children. What could be better than an interactive and colorful card reader to motivate and help them? Learning English then becomes child's play and at a low price!

In a few words:

  • For all ages! ✅
  • Introduce basic vocabulary in English with more than 100 cards ✅
  • Long moments away from screens ✅
  • Improves pronunciation ✅
  • Play and learn independently ✅

apprendre l'anglais anglais pour tous enfant bilingue anglais facile
(@L'Enfant Malin / Interactive card reader)

Learning English with this interactive toy is a real solution for children but also a real help for parents. An idea that also allows learning as a family for quality moments.

Christmas offer = 56 free cards + Free Delivery ⚡  


What could be better than a timeless toy, durable and intergenerational to delight our little ones at Christmas? Here's another Christmas idea that won't disappoint! Wooden figurines for the greatest pleasure of girls and boys, for babies and adults alike, these wooden toys will help them in their imagination. From the lion to the giraffe to the bear, find all the children's favorite animals for long moments of stories and fun. Quality toys that never disappoint.

In a few words:

  • For all ages! ✅
  • Just as beautiful as it is qualitative ✅
  • Let them create their own world ✅
  • For several generations ✅
  • Play and learn independently ✅

animaux bois jeu de construction jeu éducatif famille bois qualité jouet en bois

(@The Smart Child / Wooden toy figurines)

Wood, colors, quality and fun for a successful Christmas toy. LesZanimals™ will bring a touch of elegance and imagination for many years to come in your family.

Christmas offer = -30% immediate discount ⚡  


And here is the ESSENTIAL in our opinion for children of all ages and even adolescents. For what ? Because all children love construction games and all children love magnetism! Magnet-Me™ is a stunning color combination of the two. Endless creations depending on the child's level for guaranteed hours of fun.

Look no further for the best Christmas gift for any age and guaranteed fun.

In a few words:

  • For all ages! ✅
  • For boys and girls ✅
  • Endless colorful creations ✅
  • Independently or to share with family ✅
  • Learn the concepts of strength and balance ✅

jeu de construction magnetique jeu magnétique jeu aimanté enfant l'enfant malin

(@The Smart Child / Magnetic construction game)

This magnetic construction game is a best-seller of the year 2022. If the children around you don't have one yet, now is the time to give them as much pleasure as possible for a Christmas filled with laughter and creations!

Christmas offer = Double coins for only €10 more ⚡  

Consult our guide article now: "Which construction games for Christmas?".


💨 The Domino Train version 2.0 for a guaranteed wow effect! Let them build domino tracks all around the tree to the delight of the whole family.

domino dominos triain éléctrique train domino dominos colorés

💨 The Memory-Box™ is one of the board games in high demand every Christmas.It's a timeless board game, robust for the whole family and for long moments of sharing. A gift to put on your Christmas list.

jeu de societe jeu en bois jeu de réflexion jeu de société

(@L'Enfant Malin / Multi-game board game)

💨 The LabyrintBall™ is a magnetic construction game that appeals to the child's creative aspect. Colors, magnetism and balls rolling in all directions will help detach your children from the screens.

cadeau idée cadeau jeu de construction magnetique jeu magnétique jeu aimanté enfants l'enfant malin circuit boules
 (@The Smart Child / Magnetic ball construction game)

💨 The Pyramidzoo™, wooden animal figurines, to learn the concepts of balance and construction. A durable toy for a gentle awakening and discovery of the animal kingdom.

Animaux jouet bois animaux Noël Cadeau idée Cadeau jeux éducatifs jouets pour enfants famille moment de partage  parents top 5 jouets et jeux éducatifs                animaux en bois jeu animaux jeu de construction savanne ferme

(@The Smart Child / Animal construction pyramid)


To choose the right Christmas gift it is important to ensure that the toy is suitable for the age of the child. Choose one that is too complicated and it may lead to frustration or tears; conversely, choose one that's too simplistic and it will induce yawning.

By following the age recommendation symbol on a given toy, you will be sure to captivate the child, right? Fake ! The age recommendations are only a guide, and are especially useful if you are not a parent or caregiver who spends a lot of time with the child. It can be difficult to make the right choice, especially when TV or video commercials tend to show older children interacting with the toy, when it is actually more suitable for younger children, or vice versa. This is why The Malignant Child prefers to give age groups and talk about benefits because each child at the same age can have different needs.

All parents like to think that their child is a little genius capable of overcoming any toy challenge, but it is important to have an objective view.

To conclude, remember that Christmas is the family time par excellence and that it is essential to have fun together. For this, nothing is more effective than board games! Board games for adults or board games for children, L'Enfant Malin offers many games so that the whole family can play, have fun and learn together. View our BOARD GAMES collection here.

Thank you for reading our article. So remember to take the time when choosing your toys because your children deserve it. Educational games, with a specific goal behind the fun of your little ones, are the right solution for concerned and responsible parents.Because Christmas is an important time in our lives, we want each family to enjoy it as best as possible. Find all our offers and promotions on all games in the store.

Hoping to have written the most complete article possible and to have given you good ideas for a wonderful family Christmas. To find out more about positive education and the intellectual development of our children, consult our article educational games.
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