How can handcrafted wooden toys be a unique and personal gift for your children?

How can handcrafted wooden toys be a unique and personal gift for your children?

How can handcrafted wooden toys be a unique and personal gift for your children?

If you are lacking gift ideas to give to a child, handcrafted wooden toys are excellent options. How can they be a unique and personal gift for children? Ecological, aesthetic, educational, robust and available in a very wide variety, these are all reasons to choose them now.

By being natural gifts respectful of nature

Wooden toys will be a perfect surprise gift for your child. They are made from wood from the forest. To create them, natural paints are used and their finishing is generally done with vegetable oil-based paints. They therefore do not present any danger to the health of your little ones and allow you to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Their health and ecological quality is one of the reasons why wooden toys are increasingly popular. It is not uncommon for toddlers to put gadgets in their mouths. The components of these games are not harmful. You will be more peaceful when they play with it. You can definitely adopt them if you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas.

Moreover, the design of wooden toys remains exceptional. They have an extraordinary finesse which helps toddlers improve their motor skills. Not to mention the fact that these toys also have features that are both reassuring and calming.

Unique and durable

children's toys made of wood are durable and are long-term investments. If you buy, among other things, a wooden rocking horse, it can be used by your eldest child and could also be a favorite toy for their younger siblings. This will save you significant money. Thanks to their robustness, they are unbreakable. They perfectly resist the tests of time.

Compared to plastic toys, this type of toy actually has a considerable lifespan. No worries despite the multiple handling of your children. Most of them are made of very resistant solid wood.

A wide variety to enjoy to please children

Depending on age, you will be able to find the suitable wooden toy. You will thus have an christening gift original. And it won't be difficult for you to find the toy in question. Here are some you can adopt:

  • Wooden games for early learning: intended for toddlers, they allow them to discover the outside world. For example, you can adopt the wooden stacking Prince, the animal stacking cube or the puzzle shape boxes.

  • Pull games: they will allow children to discover the action of pulling. They can be small trains, pull animals, small cars, etc. Suitable for children who already know how to walk.

  • Wooden toys for children ages 3 to 6: As the child gets older, the toys and interactions that interest them also change. For this age group, you can devote your gift budget to more educational wooden toys.

By being educational and educational toys

If among your gifts for children, you include wooden toys, you can offer your children games that are both educational and educational. They not only help them improve their motor skills, but also their concentration and creativity. They will thus be able to quickly develop various cognitive and motor skills.

Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, these wooden toys make them independent. They will help them discover their outside world in complete freedom and without the intervention of their parents. They will be able to experiment through their touch, their hearing, etc. They will explore textures, awaken their sensitivity, stimulate their memory and so much more.

With this in mind, you can opt for gifts such as small shoes to lace up, books that would allow them to learn the time, speed tangram for help identify shapes, wooden puzzles… From 6 to 12 years old, they can venture into team games.

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