How do I choose appropriate educational toys for my child?

How do I choose appropriate educational toys for my child?

How do I choose appropriate educational toys for my child?

educational toys as their name suggests allow children to learn or develop their physical or intellectual abilities. There are many varieties depending on the age and interest of the child. So, how do you choose the right educational toys?

Choose toys corresponding to the child’s age

An important criterion for choosing an educational toy is the age of the child. Indeed, a 2 year old is not interested in a toy that is suitable for a 5 year old. So, before making a choice, remember to read the information on the packaging or on the product sheet of the toys. This way you will know if it is suitable for your little one or not.

We must not forget that an educational toy aims to develop one of the child's abilities. In this case, if you opt for an unsuitable model, this goal would not be achieved. For example, for a child from a few months to 2 years old, games are needed that can develop their motor skills. Then, construction games will be a perfect match.

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Choose toys according to the skills to be worked on

We have already said a few words about skills or abilities to work. Indeed, in addition to the age of the child, you must also think about the skills you want to develop in your little one. So, for physical development, you can choose toys like bicycles, balls, etc.

If you want to develop the intellectual and social skills of your child, you can turn to toys such as musical instruments, construction games, books, colored pencils, etc.

Opt for games that interest the child

Of course, children of the same age generally have the same tastes and preferences, but your child may be an exception. It is up to you to know your child's interests in order to make the right choice and choose toys that can really develop your son or daughter's abilities.

If your little one is old enough to choose, that is to say from 5 or 6 years old, then you can ask them. Additionally, you should know that a toy that interests a little boy will not interest a little girl. So, before purchasing an educational game, it is essential to know the child's needs and expectations.

The different categories of educational toys

You should know that there are large families of educational toys. There are exploration games including motor games such as rollers, skateboards, balls, etc.; fine motor skills games such as pawns, pliers, sockets, stickers, etc.; discovery games such as chemistry kits or astronomy kits.

There are also construction and assembly games such as puzzles, modeling clay, wooden or brick construction games, etc.; imagination games and role-playing games of all kinds. Finally, we must not forget toys and board games which remain very interesting to ensure the good development of a child.

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The multiple advantages of educational toys

Educational games and educational toys, like the Montessori method, have many advantages for children.

  • They allow the child to work and develop the child's memory. Indeed, with certain games, the little one sometimes has to memorize in order to find the resolution of a game or the use of a toy.
  • They help work on the child's logic. There are games that encourage reflection and the search for strategies to succeed.
  • They develop the child's concentration and coordination skills.
  • They develop the child’s physical, social and psychological performance.

However, to take full advantage of these different benefits, make sure you choose a toy that suits your child perfectly. It is even advisable to seek advice from a professional if you cannot find the ideal educational toy for your little one.

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