How to choose durable wooden toys for your children?

How to choose durable wooden toys for your children?

How to choose durable wooden toys for your children?

Due to many factors, wooden toys are healthier for toddlers. They are also more advantageous, because they are made of durable and recyclable materials. These are healthy alternatives for children and the environment. What factors should be considered when choosing wooden toys?

Acquiring a wooden toy: a gesture of commitment to the environment

Unlike wooden accessories, plastic ones are difficult to recycle, because they are made of several layers of plastic. It is complex to separate them. According to Eurostat statistics, only ¼ of plastic waste is recycled in France. Most plastics only stay in landfills and end up underground.

Whether in France or in Europe, wooden toys are more interesting, since they are more resistant and durable. They can be passed on to siblings or within the family (heritage passed from generation to generation). If a part of the toy is damaged, it will simply be repaired in a craft workshop.

Prioritize eco-responsible toys

There are different ways to check if a toy is eco-responsible. Make sure the toy has one of the following labels or certificates:

  • FSC: it is an ecolabel dedicated to wooden toys. It attests to the sustainable management of forests at the time of manufacturing the product.
  • NF Environnement: it is an official French ecological certification. It was established in 1991.
  • EU Ecolabel: it is a European ecolabel. It was set up in 1992 by the European Commission. It has been specially designed for products with an environmentally friendly life cycle.

Recyclable toys are marked with several kinds of logos such as: the “green dot”, the “Triman” or the “Möbius ring”.

Move towards toys that comply with European standards

Products compliant with the European standard are marked “CE” on their packaging. This marking means that the toy actually complies with European regulations. The requirements apply mainly to the mechanical and physical properties of the object, flammability as well as the migration of chemical substances.

It should be noted that the logo placed on each toy is the responsibility of each manufacturer. It is not necessarily reliable.

Check if the toy is safe

For toys intended for children aged 0 to 3, it is vital to check their safety aspect. It is important to watch for small parts or cords placed on each accessory. Toddlers tend to put their toys in their mouths. We must prevent them from choking on the parts of their gaming accessories. Choose toys whose finishes are made from vegetable oil. Each component of the wooden toy must not harm the baby's health, even if he puts it in his mouth.

There are brands that are obtained from American or European certifications. The latter apply strict regulations that manufacturers must respect carefully.

Choose a toy that allows you to play in different ways

It is essential to offer a child a toy appropriate to their age. If the game is too complex, the child will become frustrated and will not enjoy playing. He won't want to play it anymore if he has a bad memory. It also risks harming their self-esteem. The level of difficulty must still be adapted to the level and age of the child.

If a toy only has one purpose or one activity, the child risks getting bored easily. On the other hand, he will be more interested in it if you offer him a multi-activity toy.

Offer a durable wooden toy that brings pleasure to the child

For many years, wooden toys have generated real enthusiasm among parents and children. These accessories stand out thanks to their pretty design and their attractive colors. In addition, wooden toys are more pleasant to hold than those made of plastic. Materials made from solid wood are more lively and more authentic.

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