How to choose puzzles suited to your level?

How to choose puzzles suited to your level?

How to choose puzzles suited to your level?

It is not easy to choose the right puzzle among all the games offered on the market. These games are stimulating for both children and adults. Fortunately, there are puzzles suitable for all ages and levels. You still need to know how to choose puzzles adapted to your level.

Puzzles for children

Know that even the youngest can enjoy puzzles from the age of 2 to 3 years. To find the ideal puzzle for your child, you must take their age group into account. In this case:

  • For children between 2 and 3 years old, toy games should be simple and made up of 4 pieces to match. Colors and images are essential.
  • From the age of 3, the child acts more by reflection and deduction. The difficulty level therefore increases from 5 to 10 pieces maximum.
  • Between 4 and 5 years old, you can increase the difficulty level with puzzles of 10 to 15 pieces. You can try cardboard games instead of wooden toys.
  • From 5 years old, more complex games like puzzles of 50 to 100 pieces will be perfect.

puzzles for children at this age are more generally similar to puzzles, assembly and reproduction games.
As an example, we have listed the EcrouScrew™, a wooden assembly game, super popular for children under 5 years old .

planche a visser Montessori jeu en bois jouets en bois Boutique L'Enfant Malin jeu éducatif

Puzzles for teenagers

For older children and teenagers, wooden-metal puzzles with many pieces are suitable. Among them, you have the choice between the Huzzle Cast Padlock, the Huzzle Cast Marble or the Huzzle Cast Quartet. You can also choose more difficult puzzles like the Rubik’s cube. There are puzzle sets with different games on the market, a perfect gift idea. Many logic games like Perplexus Harry Potter will also be very suitable for a teenager.

They will allow them to work and stimulate their intellectual and mental capacity. These games for teenagers have different levels of difficulty. So choose the games according to its capabilities. Be aware that levels 4 and 5 are very complex. As for level 6, it is dedicated to regular visitors.

Rubik's remains the favorite of our dear teenagers with more and more variants available on the educational games market. More and more colorful and themed Rubik's like the CartoonBix™.

rubik's cube lego cubic rubik 2x2 rubik's cube 2x2 rubik's cube 4x4 rubik cube 4x4 rubiks cube 4x4 gan rubik's cube rubik's cube miroir rubik's cube rond rubik cube 2x2 rubik cube 5x5 rubik's cube original rubiks cube 5x5 rubik's cube 7 x 7 rubik's cube magnetique

Puzzles for adults

As for teenagers, puzzles for adults must be adapted to their level. The instructions on the packaging can help you with this. These are indications based on the level of difficulty and not age. If you're just starting out, it's best to choose a less complex puzzle. It is advisable to start with level 1 or 2 so as not to get discouraged. For good reason, everyone acts and reacts differently when faced with a puzzle.

A most original gift idea with boxes available, such as the IQstimulus™, which will have an impact on Chinese wooden puzzle.

coffret idee-cadeau casse tete casse-tête chinois casse tete adulte casse tete pyramide casse tete chinois en bois boite secrete casse tete casse tete etoile casse tete cube bois

In addition, also choose a toy that you like. This will boost your motivation knowing that an adult's enthusiasm is not like that of a child. Luckily, puzzles come in all shapes, colors, sizes and materials. It is therefore possible to choose small, large, square, round, wooden, metal, etc.

The different puzzle levels

To choose a puzzle suitable for an adult, the level also matters. There are level 1 puzzles for beginners. If you want to experience the joy of puzzle games, it is advisable to start with wooden toy games. This is the case with that of the snake. With a set of linked and rotating pieces, you must rebuild a wooden puzzle in cube form.

For the intermediate level, that is to say level 2, the challenge increases. The Ibiza puzzle is a challenge to solve that can take you hours. This Chinese puzzle is a complex cube allowing you to work on your neurons while having fun. Finally, for advanced level puzzles or level 3 and above, puzzle games are perfect.

Tips for choosing the best puzzle

Just like for adults, it is essential to respect the level and progress of the person doing the puzzle. Even more so for adults, it is imperative to provide children or young children with small successes. If they enjoy it, there is a good chance they will persevere. They will continue to do puzzles and thus benefit from the benefits of these games. If you introduce your child to puzzles, let age be your guide.

It is important that the game adapts to the child's age. For a teenager or an adult, let the level guide you. Please note that you can also create your own puzzle. In addition to being an excellent activity idea, a personalized puzzle will make an original gift idea.

collection casse tete casse-tête chinois casse tete adulte casse tete pyramide casse tete chinois en bois boite secrete casse tete casse tete etoile casse tete cube bois

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