How to use games to teach English to children?

How to use games to teach English to children?

How to use games to teach English to children?

The jeducational toys are very popular with children. In addition, it is optimally effective. This also allows you to learn English. So, how can we use educational games to teach children the language of Shakespeare?
apprendre l'anglais pour les enfants jeux éducatifs de l'enfant malin

(source: learning English collection L’Enfant Malin )

Choose a game with motivation

It is true that the game itself is already motivation. Indeed, the child is captivated by the games. However, playing with even more motivation will help your child learn even faster. So, you can choose a game that helps boost motivation. For this, you can for example opt for the game “touch & feel box”.

In a few lines, it is a guessing game. You put things in a box. You let the child take one and know its name in English. For example, he pulls out a pen and has to say “pen”, if he knows this answer, then the pen belongs to him. Of course, you must first have an idea of ​​the ability of the child you are going to play with. Indeed, it is impossible for a child to know that an apple is “apple” in English if he has not learned it before.

To acquire vocabulary but also correct pronunciation, there are very interactive card readers for children such as the SpeakEasy™.

apprendre l'anglais jeu éducatif enfant boutique jeux éducatifs anglais facile

(source: Speak Easy, L’Enfant Malin interactive card reader)

Turn to an interesting game

You would certainly say that all games always interest children. This is not really the case. Indeed, it depends on the age of the child and... on their interest. In this case, before choosing a game, make sure you know what this “interest” is. It will be much easier to keep the child's attention and concentration.

For example, you can do a singing competition in English if you know that children like to sing. In addition, it is a very good way to express yourself in the language. Then you can judge based on the children's skills to decide the winner. You can also give corrections if a child has made speech or pronunciation errors.

Prioritize a captivating game

Of course, you have very many possibilities when it comes to games or toys for learning the English language. However, a game or a captivating game remains very interesting since it allows you to be sure of having good results.

For this, you can choose the treasure hunt. It’s a very famous game that you’ve probably already played. Naturally, this game is especially suitable for older children. So, you hide treasures in your house or outside in the garden, you provide players with clues in English, it is up to them to guess and do research to find the hidden objects.

Other interesting games for learning English

These few ideas are already enough to guide you towards the right path when it comes to learning English via games. However, there are still many other possibilities that you can choose from. So, there are still puzzles. This game, which consists of putting letters together to form words and even sentences, remains very interesting and is suitable for all ages. There are also card games, etc.

apprendre l'anglais apprentissage de l'anglais anglais pour débutant jeux éducatifs l'enfant malin

(Source: ABC GAME, Boutique L’Enfant Malin)

Otherwise, you can use your imagination to create a game yourself to help your child learn English. Your imagination is your only limit. Take the time to study the psychology and behavior of your little one to design the ideal game that can help them better assimilate this language.

The different advantages of games for teaching English to children

There is no shortage of teaching techniques for teaching children the English language. However, learning through games has certain advantages.

  • Games help keep the child's attention and concentration.
  • Games facilitate the assimilation of learning.
  • The games are suitable for everyone and all ages.
  • Games promote the development of psychology and skills.

However, for this to be perfectly effective and achieve the objective you have set for yourself, make sure to choose a game or toy that meets the needs and expectations of your child. child.

To learn more about the effectiveness of educational games in the development of our children: What types of educational toys are the most effective for children's learning?

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