How to use magnetic games for children's learning?

How to use magnetic games for children's learning?

How to use magnetic games for children's learning?

In recent years, educational games have been at the service of parents. They essentially help them in their development, whether cognitive or motor. In addition to wooden games, we find more and more magnetic toys on the market. They can be assembled and disassembled to help the child in various learning activities. How to use them?

Deploy magnetic building blocks to strengthen their fine motor skills

Magnetic games offer many possibilities as they exist in different models. magnetic building blocks are among the most popular. Their handling is easy. This game can help the child improve his fine motor skills. In addition, it is suitable for young children. In order to preserve the health of your toddlers, do not hesitate to favor models made of ABS plastic which remain respectful of their health and the environment.

The magnetic blocks stick easily to each other when the child brings them together. This educational toy allows him to design different shapes and structures. In particular, he can assemble the blocks to make:

  • A house,
  • A circuit for a small car,
  • A box,
  • Pentagons, etc.

As he grows, the child can create other, more complex figures.  

jouet montessori jeu montessori jeux aimantés jeux aimanté jeu aimante jeu magnétique magnetix petit montessori bloc de construction magnétique magnet monti jouets montessori

(Source; Magnet-Me magnetic construction game)

Design an object that moves

One of the ways to use magnetic games for the child's learning is also to create toys that move. To become aware of space and movement, your children can create toys that can move thanks to magnetic force. To design them, however, you must help them.

With the help of a tutorial, you can make several. Among the materials to gather, you will undoubtedly need a magnet in addition to those intended for the toy itself. You can adopt refrigerator magnets for example. The possibilities are limitless. They can shape toys or objects with different shapes and sizes. Note that you can also simply choose an already designed object, which must be attracted or pushed using magnets.

Choosing a magnetic board to stimulate creativity

A magnetic board is a preferred choice to further stimulate the child's creativity. With pieces that stick together easily and can be moved with ease, he will be able to play in a fun and ingenious way. As the board components are magnetic, there is a slight risk of them being lost. You can take them on car trips to calm their impatience and distract them.

To help them simply deploy their board with magnetic games, you can draw a small route, a footprint of a house to fill with pieces, etc. Always choose your little ones' favorite colors or those that they recognize.

Magnetic fishing game to learn to grab objects

As the child may still have difficulty grasping objects precisely, this game can help him greatly. You can equip it with a magnetic fishing rod for different occasions. He will thus be able to practice handling his rod to catch fish and make efforts to further develop his motor skills.

The advantage of this magnetic toy is that it allows you to play a wide variety of games. You can choose them according to the age of your child. For example, you can play blind fishing. You can also teach him to count by giving him points every time he catches a fish.

Angling has been popular since the dawn of time and today many games are related to it. Here are examples:

  • Magnetic wooden fishing game - FishMe™ = Letters, animal numbers, fishing rod, everything is there!

jeu de peche magnétique enfant pêche magnétique jouet jeu éducatifs jouets

(Source: L'Enfant Malin educational games store, magnetic game)
  • Educational game - AttrapVer™= Arm your child with his magnetic magic wand to remove the greens from the apple!

jeu de construction jeux construction construction magnetique jouet jeux magnétique jouet construction magnétique

(source: Boutique L’Enfant Malin, educational games)

Another variation: fishing by watch. The game is about catching as many fish as possible within a limited time. As he gets older, he can invent games himself, which will only stimulate his imagination.

Magnetic and magnetic sticks for logic

Easier to deploy, magnetic sticks will help children with coordination, but also with logic. By manipulating this toy, they will be better able to solve problems. They can make different geometric shapes, cars, animals, miniature houses, pyramids, etc.

For little girls, we have listed one of the most popular games in 2023, the ChateauxReve™. This game is made up of magnet-tiles of different shapes and colors allowing children to build the houses and castles of their dreams!

jeu de construction jeux construction construction magnetique jouet jeux magnétique jouet construction magnétique jouet magnetique jeu construction aimanté construction jouet magnetique

You can offer magnetic games to your children from 3 years old. Since there are endless possibilities, you won't have to settle for sticks. You can also opt for magnetic games including the letters of the alphabet, numbers, etc.

We always try to give our readers as much information as possible on specific subjects. To know the advantages of magnetic games, here is a specific article: "The advantages of using magnetic games for children's learning"

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