The benefits of using magnetic games for children's learning.

The benefits of using magnetic games for children's learning.

The advantages of using magnetic games for children's learning

Magnetism is a surprising phenomenon, especially for children. Playing with magnets can be useful for all ages. Thanks to magnetic games, you can introduce your children to physics from an early age. However, this type of activity is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Magnetic games to understand the principles of magnetism

Magnetic objects involve the magical movement of metal pieces. It’s a phenomenon that impresses children. Especially if they are not yet familiar with the underlying physical processes. Magnetic games give children an opportunity to discover the magnetic universe and parents to teach them the concept. Through games like magnetic puzzles or the magnetic construction set, they have fun while learning.

puzzle magnetique tangram jouet montessori jeu montessori jeux aimantés jeux aimanté jeu aimante jeu magnétique magnetix petit montessori magnétique magnet
(source: L'Enfant Malin educational games store)

Parents must, however, choose a game adapted to the age of their child. If handling magnetic toys is still too complicated for the child, he will lose interest more quickly. You can start their learning with Montessori magnetic games. It’s simple and versatile, suitable for younger children. This is also the case for super intelligent magnetic modeling clays.

Magnetic games improve hand-eye coordination

The principle of hand-eye coordination is simple: when a baby, for example, stretches his hand to grab an object, he is using his hand-eye coordination. Which means that his eyes guide his hand towards the object that interests him. With practice, your child will be able to perform movements with more and more precision. Magnetic games such as magnetic construction games or magnetic building blocks promote this coordination.

These are colorful magnetic blocks of different sizes with which children build. Thus, by using their sense of observation and their hand, they will develop their hand-eye coordination and their fine motor skills. Playing with these toys excites spatial thinking.

The LabyrinBall™ is made up of multiple magnetic shapes but also tunnels and turns transforming this magnetic game into a real circuit. A double interest for this increasingly popular magnetic game.

circuit billes circuit de bille jeux aimantés jeux aimanté jeu aimante jeu magnétique magnetix petit montessori magnétique magnet

(source: L’Enfant Malin store, LabyrinBall™ ball circuit)

The tangram Woodiness™ for children is an excellent choice for working on their motor skills. One of the educational games has undergone a certain evolution but the principle still remains the same: reproduce shapes and images.

puzzle magnetique tangram montessori boutique de jeux éducatifs l'enfant malin

(source: store educational gamesL’Enfant Malin)

Magnetic games to develop skills

By sorting and stacking, magnetic games improve your child's sense of organization. Some magnetic games like magnetic puzzles, building blocks and Montessori games involve organizing the elements. With practice, your child will develop organizational skills. He will know how to analyze which piece to put where. Since the games include different sizes and shapes, children also learn about shapes and sorting.

Angling magnets are a great classic and very popular with children and babies alike. For this type of magnetic game, the child especially enjoys testing his skill. Combining wood and magnets, magnetic fishing is a very fun activity. This game will introduce your child to fishing and other skills like patience.

peche a la ligne magnetique boutique de jeux éducatifs l'enfant malin jeu éducatif

(source: L’Enfant Malin boutique, magnetic fishing game)

Magnetic games teach STEM principles

Thanks to magnetic games, your child will begin to grasp STEM principles when building simple or complex designs. This is the principle of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Magnetic toys are fun for children, but also educational. They are certainly part of the world of educational games. By playing with magnets or magnets, they learn science, math, physics and much more.

Thus, these games can prepare your child very early in areas related to physical science. If they use these magnetic toys in a learning environment, they can develop innovative skills and mindset. Which promotes creativity and problem-solving skills. This is also why these games are not only suitable for children, but also for adults.

Magnetic games improve concentration level

Like any other educational game, magnetic games also promote concentration in children. He must concentrate on the tasks to be done like:

  • fit parts together,
  • solve mechanisms,
  • solve puzzles,
  • organize items, etc.

jouet montessori jeu montessori jeux aimantés jeux aimanté jeu aimante jeu magnétique magnetix petit montessori bloc de construction magnétique magnet

(source canva pro: L’Enfant Génie)

In working on how to get there, the child must use all his concentration. Like the case of magnetic fishing for example, it focuses on its objective to be able to catch fish. The same goes for the magnetic puzzle maze. This is one of the most complete educational games for children under 8 years old. With a wooden magnetic stick, the player must pass a multitude of balls in the right path to group them all at a precise point.

Magnetic games have been on the rise for several years now. To find out which magnetic game your child needs, consult our article: "The criteria to take into account when choosing magnetic games adapted to the age of your child"

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