Criteria to take into account when choosing magnetic games adapted to the age of your child

Criteria to take into account when choosing magnetic games adapted to the age of your child

Criteria to take into account when choosing magnetic games adapted to the age of your child

The gaming industry has evolved enormously in recent years. Instead of relying on classic educational games, why not opt ​​for magnetic games?? In addition to being easy to use, this type of distraction is a lot of fun for children. To choose magnetic games adapted to the age of your child, certain criteria must be taken into account.

Take the child’s age into account

Above all, the first criterion to consider is the age of the child. Indeed, you must first of all choose a magnetic game adapted to the age of your child. In the magnetic universe, it should be noted that this type of toy is reserved for children aged 4 and up. The age is not difficult to guess, as it is usually indicated on the box. The age indicated corresponds to the minimum age from which the child can play it.

In other words, this is the minimum age required for the child to understand the rules and the concept of the game. It is strongly recommended to respect this indication so that baby's learning is successful. Children's board games are designed according to the precise age corresponding to the child's development. That said, remember that this indication remains a recommended age.

jeu magnétique jeu de construction magnetique jeux aimantés bébé smartmax geomag

(Source: Canva Pro - magnetic games)

Take into account the type of magnetic play

The other criterion to take into account concerns the type of magnetic game. You can choose between different types like magnetic construction games, logic games, skill games and others. Your choice will depend on the type of learning you want to instill in your child. To improve skill, concentration and reflection, the magnetic puzzle is ideal for children. To develop his skills, you can offer him magnetic games Melissa & Doug. These can also be magnetic fishing games or picture matching games.

In addition, please note that each type of magnetic game is also classified by theme. The choice is vast for this type of criterion such as the fairy tale theme, the car theme and others. Here, the choice depends on your child's preference.

Choose a magnetic game for children according to the mechanism

A magnetic game relies on two essential components, notably the universe and the mechanics of the game. To choose a game that your child will enjoy, you absolutely must take these two notions into account. As you can see, the world of educational games is booming. Manufacturers are increasing their efforts to always offer more innovative and creative games. The game mechanics grow infinitely like:

  • card games,
  • cooperative games,
  • memory games,
  • observation games,
  • speed games, etc.

jeu de construction jeux construction construction magnetique jouet jeux magnétique jouet construction magnétique jouet magnetique jeu construction aimanté construction jouet

(Source: Canva pro, the magnetic game)

The same goes for the game world. Between pirates, princes and princesses, animals, the choice is very vast. These abundant possibilities can make your choice difficult. For the youngest, opt for example for children's board games like those from Haba.

Consider the level of difficulty to choose a magnetic game suitable for your child

The level of difficulty is also a very important criterion to consider when finding the magnetic game suited to the child. The level of difficulty can be expressed by the number of pieces to handle or the difficulty of solving a problem or a puzzle. Note that a single game can contain several difficulty levels. For younger children, opt for less complex magnetic games to gradually train their brain and for safety.

For example, you can choose a children's board to teach them how to write. The older you get, the more you can opt for more complex magnetic games. From 6 years old, you can start, for example, with a Montessori tangram with several model cards that are increasingly difficult to reproduce.
In the tangram category, L'Enfant Malin offers a selection of very engaging educational games such as CreaPuzz™ :

puzzle tangram puzzle enfant puzzle en bois boutique de jeux éducatifs l'enfant malin

(Source: l’Enfant Malin educational games store)

Take into account the level of abstraction of the magnetic game for children

Finally, the last criterion to consider is the level of abstraction of the magnetic game. Know that to please a child, games must remain concrete. For example, you have to find similarities or be the fastest to pick up a card. With rules to follow to achieve the objective, the concept of the game will be quite abstract for him. And this is all the more true among younger children and children who are not yet experienced.

Before the age of 6, it is therefore advisable to focus on very concrete games. With experience, he acquires playful maturity and becomes less accessible to more abstract games. The level of abstraction of a magnetic game shows that we should not only rely on the age indicated on the packaging.

In our saga of educational games, also discover the role of children's puzzles which are increasingly popular.

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