The different types of magnetic games for children and their educational uses

The different types of magnetic games for children and their educational uses

The different types of magnetic games for children and their educational uses

Manipulating magnetic games can have many advantages. The magnetic universe is wide and varied where you can find all kinds of magnetic games for children. Indeed, between construction games, puzzles and others, the choice is immense. But you still need to know what type of magnetic games for children to choose.

Magnetic blocks

When we talk about magnetic blocks, we are referring to magnetic cubes like wooden blocks for children. However, the majority of current magnetic blocks are more like tiles. They generally come in the form of brightly colored construction sets. The pieces are made of translucent plastic with various shapes. Each of them is magnetic, equipped with a powerful magnet to hold the whole thing in place. One of the most popular magnetic games is Magnet-Go™:

jeu de construction magnétique jeu magnétique jeux aimantés bebe enfant malin

(Source: L’Enfant Malin educational games store)

According to the figure, magnetic building blocks include different sizes and shapes. Triangles, rectangles, squares and even hexagons can fit in a single set. Some include wheels so the child can build cars and machines. This type of games stimulates the creative mind and the imagination of children. Likewise, this magnetic game teaches the child to distinguish shapes and sort.

Magnetic construction sticks

These are colorful magnetic sticks of different sizes with which children build something. Magnetic construction sticks are both educational and fun. Children use their imagination to design structures. This type of magnetic game is suitable for a very wide age range. Younger children to pre-teens have fun building with it. Even teenagers and adults can play with these construction toys. Magnet-Me™ was one of the best-sellers of 2022 with magnetic sticks and balls for real scalable play over several years:

jeu de construction magnétique jeux aimantés bébé jeu magnetique enfant malin boutique

(Source: Magnet-Me magnetic construction set)

Each stick has a magnet to hold each piece together. The goal is to avoid causing frustration among children. These magnetic stick games come in different colors. So, he can have fun learning colors and sorting as they please. The number of pieces will depend on the age and level of the child.

Magnetic letters and numbers

You can choose between magnetic letters or magnetic numbers. Please note that the magnetic character is only suitable for children aged 4 and over. This type of magnetic games is very effective and practical for learning to write while having fun. The child can also make all kinds of combinations. The magnetic letters can be played on a whiteboard or on the fridge.

You will find sets of Montessori magnetic letters and numbers including magnetic pieces, letters, numbers and operations. This game helps develop learning of letters and reading, as well as learning of colors. Created by Maria Montessori, the aim of this pedagogy is to highlight the child's personal development through magnetic games.

Magnetic puzzles

Magnetic puzzles are real, perfect accessories for children who want to learn while improving their educational awareness. They develop the senses of memory and observation. What's more, the practicality of the magnetic pieces makes the game even more fun and entertaining. Children enjoy magnetic puzzles, especially those with animals or characters.

In addition, the magnetic tangram for children is also a puzzle game that is a lot of fun. You will find a selection of magnetic toys for children with a number of pieces and shapes suitable for little hands. magnetic puzzles can have many benefits such as:

  • develop their intelligence,
  • maximize their cognitive awakening,
  • improve their attention and concentration skills,
  • optimize their sense of observation and spatial perception,
  • allow a fun, fun and effective education to shape their mental alertness.

puzzle magnetique enfant jeux aimantés bebe jeu magnetique

(Source: L’Enfant Malin educational games store)

Other types of magnetic games

There are many other types of magnetic games on the market. This is the case of the magnetic fishing game. This game is an attractive toy that amuse and please most children. This is an observation game that can be played in different ways. The fish is equipped with a magnet and is placed under an icy lake. And with magnetic rods, the child tries to hook fish in the ocean. This game especially highlights the child’s skill.

There is also the CreaBox™ which is a wooden box of magnets. The latter allows you to reproduce characters, animals, transports and others. For the more agile, the magnetic puzzle maze is a more complete educational game. With a wooden magnetic stick, the child must pass several balls towards a specific point.

For more details on what kind of magnetic games purchased and for what age, consult our article: The criteria to take into account when choosing magnetic games adapted to the age of your child

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