What are the benefits of educational toys for children?

What are the benefits of educational toys for children?

The educational games are a marvel. They entertain and educate at the same time. For specialists, their advantages are even more numerous. They are therefore recommended, even in young children. Let's see the reasons why you need to integrate them into your little one's daily life.

An asset for learning in general

School is not suitable for everyone. Now, it is even said that academic failures come from school, pedagogy and teachers. The students also each have their own way of learning and above all their own pace. learning through educational games is considered one of the best techniques. It removes many constraints: fear, failures, competition, exams... For teaching in general, it is a ready-made and almost perfect solution.

Teachers are also spared. They no longer need to lecture for hours. They are less tired just as much as their students. It's yet another simpler way to learn lessons, perform exercises and grow through them. Solving problems is easier, for example, because we attack the practice directly. The theories being reduced by a lot.

A way to learn to live in society

For a child, the transition from the family cocoon to school is always a tough ordeal. He must meet new people and be forced to work. He is very often afraid of his teacher or his classmates. Many adults even remain traumatized by a certain period of their childhood. educational toys facilitate:

  • transition: from home to school;
  • integration: in a class of several different individuals;
  • acquisition: thanks to direct practice;
  • exchanges: between the students, then the teacher and the students;
  • development: given the constant search for solutions;
  • fun: thanks to the idea of ​​entertainment and distraction…

Rapid personality development

The child can position himself more easily in relation to others and in relation to his environment thanks to educational games. He will be capable of empathy, understanding and kindness. He will also know how to highlight his skills, and above all distinguish them. He will know and recognize his values, his strengths and his weaknesses himself. He will even be able to improve and carry out work without being asked to do so.

In addition, the child's personality is built more easily if he is not in a restrictive environment. He needs to be comfortable while knowing his limits. And educational games are perfect for this.

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(Credit: L’Enfant Malin educational games store)

An excellent teaching method

Learning through games is one of the most successful pedagogical approaches. The example of the Montessori method for learning young children or those in home education is perfect. Parents can help their children understand more things through educational toys. Thus, colors, shapes, variations... everything facilitates the acquirement of new knowledge.

As John Dewey says, play and work are inseparable. These are all active ways of learning. Both are effective. But the results are better if we combine them. This is why we must use educational games and not just any games. The teacher is responsible for finding which game would go for this or that lesson. The preparation is more tedious, but certainly more fun. Yes, the teaching staff and the students benefit from teaching through games.

Freedom and autonomy

Everything the child acquires through practical lessons stays longer. They are easier for him to learn. In addition, it will assimilate them more easily. Precisely, school is often more repressive than educational. She allows herself to point out faults. Then, she forces the child to comply with all her rules. Some are essential, of course, but others are not.

The idea of ​​autonomy is very limited, or even non-existent at times. However, school is supposed to produce responsible and independent adults. And fun lessons with educational games can help to some extent. You just need to find the right rhythm and the right games for each subject. Age and class are always to be taken into account.

After seeing the great benefits of educational games and toys, discover how to use them to teach your children to read and write!

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