What are the different types of puzzles?

What are the different types of puzzles?

The puzzle, this game so popular in all families which crosses time and eras without aging. But what are the different types of puzzle and for whom?

For children and adults alike, the puzzle is a timeless game that always has its place in a family home and a toy box. Let's see together what are the different types of puzzle and for whom depending on the level of difficulty and the age of the player.

  • Interlocking puzzle
  • 2D Puzzle
  • 3D Puzzle and Model
  • Wooden puzzle

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    Interlocking puzzle

    Very often placed in the category of development toys, the built-in puzzle is quite simply a must-have in children's toy collections.

    Accessible from a very young age, fitting puzzles have many advantages such as the development of fine motor skills, dexterity from a very young age. puzzles have a very positive effect on children's behavior and development.

    The principle of the fitting puzzle is quite simple, composed of a wooden board and several pieces cut out of the same frame. Baby will just have to find the right location with dexterity and motor skills in order to recompose the basic image.

    This type of interlocking puzzle will allow baby to also develop his concentration, his attention, learn to be patient, logic and learn colors from a young age.

    You will have a very wide range of choices such as wooden animal puzzles, tangram puzzle, fruit and vegetable puzzle, world map puzzle and many other choices with different but very accessible price ranges. Puzzles will take a place in your children's toy box.

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    Interlocking puzzles are made of wood or silicone and with large pieces of different shapes. Easy to grasp for a very young child who will develop their motor skills while limiting the risk of choking.

    2D Puzzle

    The most well-known and widespread category of puzzles, 2D puzzles are generally copies or reproductions of landscapes, drawings, photos of all kinds such as the world map for example. The pieces are made of wood or cardboard.

    With different difficulty levels, they are generally categorized according to the age of the players. No matter your level of experience, you will enjoy putting together a puzzle.

    Generally used from the age of 4, your child will already be able to reconstruct a photo or image in 2D format. He will quickly abandon his puzzle with wooden pieces to move on to a puzzle made up of cardboard pieces that is a little more complex and will enjoy the challenge. He will already be able to choose for himself what type of image he will want to reproduce and your child will be able to choose his own puzzle.

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    Adults who like to play 2D puzzles will have more complex puzzles, with images that are much more difficult to reproduce and much smaller puzzle pieces to increase the level. Each person will find a puzzle at their level without any difficulty.

    The benefits of the puzzle for adults are numerous, they allow an adult person to relax, serve as a anti-stress but not only. They fight very effectively against memory loss and against anxiety. It is a perfect tool for the development of cognitive abilities and effectively prevents Alzheimer's disease. Older people generally like animal puzzles, colorful landscapes or puzzles representing buildings.

    The 2D puzzle is one of the most popular games in the world, it will always be a hit at birthday parties or Christmas as a gift idea. Yes, even grandpa and grandma are puzzle fans. This is a great activity to share between children and adults.

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    3D puzzle

    The 3D puzzle, which appeared in the 20th century, is an evolution of the puzzle and revolutionizes the construction of objects in 3 Dimensions. A real editing methodology. In order to properly start a 3D puzzle, you must first unpack all the pieces then refer to the plan/guide and the image provided with your model.

    For children and adults alike, the 3D puzzle is available with difficulty levels for all members of the family.

    Very often the 3D puzzle is a replica of historical monuments, a car, a train or any other. You will now be able to find almost all the themes to your delight and let's go for hours of construction.

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    You can find them in different materials, metal, wood, cardboard, Plexiglas or even foam for children.

    You generally have to be patient to create a 3-Dimensional model, which requires calm and perseverance. It’s a calm, stress-relieving activity.I am sure that you will inevitably find a 3D model to your liking with the very wide range of products offered on the market today.

    What is the puzzle with the most pieces in the world?

    The Grafika company offers in its catalog the largest puzzle in the world, with 54,000 pieces with measurements that will make you lose your mind. A height of 2.04 m for 8.64 m long representing around fifty master paintings.Grafika dethroned a puzzle sold by Kodak which until now held the record until 2020 with 51,300 pieces.

    plus grand puzzle du monde Grafika
    (photo credit:@Grafika)
    Would you have the patience to take on such a challenge?


    The puzzle is categorized as a brain teaser. In this category you will find many types of puzzles such as the pyramid puzzle, the cube puzzle, the ball puzzle, the jigsaw puzzle, etc. For adults but also for children with a unique level of difficulty for each of them and in different forms.

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    Among logic puzzles, there are many well-known examples such as Sudoku, Nonogram, Masyu and logic grids.

    You can easily find the solutions to the puzzles or a guide for the different models on the internet if you really can't find the solution. Give it your all, no need to cheat and worry. This game is made for that!

    For babies, children, teenagers as well as for parents and no matter your age or level you will always find among the games of your family home, puzzles. Available in all shapes to satisfy everyone, the puzzle is a must-have. Very good gift idea too, it will definitely make people happy. SO ? What will your next puzzle be?

    We hope that this article has been able to inform you more about the different types of puzzles and guide you in your choice. L'Enfant Malin offers a wide variety of puzzles for children as well as adults. Discover the Top 10 puzzles for gift ideas now.
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