What construction game for 3 year olds?

What construction game for 3 year olds?

Among the many possible activities for 3 year olds, construction play seems to be a safe choice for children's development. There are many options such as wooden construction set or magnetic construction set. Let's see together their benefits and benefits for your child.

  • Play independently
  • Child's manual skills
  • Learn the meaning of sharing
  • Improves imagination and creativity
  • Keep children away from screens
  • Problem solving

    jeu de construction en bois jeu de construction enfant malin boutique jeu éducatifs

    (photo credit:@canva wooden construction game)

    How old are construction games?

    It is very important to choose your construction game based on the age of your children in order to optimize their development. Whatever their ages, there will always be a suitable game. Whether it is awakening or more advanced development, you must choose the articles correctly. This is why we are going to see together the best construction games.

    The advantage of the construction game is that you can start playing it very young, from 1 year, your baby will be able to already having fun with blocks or silicone cubes for example. Larger pieces or larger blocks should be preferred to avoid the risk of suffocation.

    cube silicone jeu de construction enfant malin boutique jeu éducatifs

    (photo credit:@canva children's construction game)

    Around 2 years baby will already be able to stack a few blocks and pieces on top of each other and will begin to understand that he is capable of go even further. The cubes that fit together and fit into each other are well suited.

    Around 3 years, he will take great pleasure in stacking the blocks or bricks higher and higher to then destroy its small construction to start again ad infinitum. Many models and shapes are available on the market and at different prices, remember to read customer reviews on each product.

    Next, favor smaller pieces to complicate the task a little, remember that games for children must always evolve with their age.

    jeu de construction 3 ans en bois jeu de construction bois boutique jeu éducatifs L'Enfant Malin

    (photo credit:@canva wooden construction game)

    What construction game for 3 year olds?

    We have listed two categories of construction game for you, the wooden construction game and the magnetic construction game which we believe are the two largest in this category.

    From 3 years old your child will have his brain in full swing and will be ready to use toys and construction games made up of pieces of different shapes and colors to increase his creativity and his imagination. Don't neglect the number of pieces in the games you buy so as not to frustrate your child. Often Packs or Kits with numerous parts are offered on sale on different sites.

    Wooden construction game

    A timeless, timeless piece, the wooden construction game holds its place on the podium in this category. From a very young age, children can use wooden toys such as wooden cubes, wooden blocks, wooden logs.They can have fun stacking them, sorting them by size or color, which will allow them to already develop their organization in order to let their imagination express themselves.

    Many wooden construction games are available today with a range of products and prices that are very affordable for all budgets. If you are tired of buying a toy here and a toy there every four morning, say stop using plastic and opt now for a wooden toy.

    A true guarantee of quality, ecological and durable, these are games and toys  which can even be passed down from generation to generation. The wooden construction game has always had its place among the most essential games and toys for the good development of children.

    jeu de construction en bois Equilibro jeu éducatifs boutique enfant malin jeu bois construction

    (photo credit:@Boutique L’Enfant Malin)

    Magnetic construction game

    The magnetic construction game has taken a very important place alongside the wooden one. Very popular in early childhood, at school as well as at home.It is generally made up of many magnetic pieces or different blocks to assemble and various quality accessories allowing your child to more easily create 3D structures.

    It is clearly unanimous among children and even among parents who are happy to play with their children because deep down even parents love construction games. This activity also offers good and beautiful moments of sharing between parents and children.Dad will be delighted to show baby how to build a marble run, a car, a boat or anything else that comes to mind. The best parent/child moments come through play regardless of their age and that is priceless.

    There are many advantages to choosing the magnetic game, first of all it is a very easy to use game and accessible to everyone. For the youngest, a few pieces will be enough, then over the months and years more will be needed so as not to restrict the creativity and imagination of your children. You will be surprised how quickly your child's creativity will improve.

    Its evolutionary side which allows young and old alike to be able to play together makes it one of the best construction games in the store of educational games of L'Enfant Malin.

    You will immediately be charmed by its bright colors and design. Accompanied by its construction guide.

    Be careful, parents, not to also fall under the spell of MAGNET-ME‚ĄĘ

    jeu de construction magnetique jeux aimantés jeu de construction boutique jeu éducatifs enfant malin

    (photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin magnetic game)

    What does the child develop during construction games?

    With construction games, the child develops certain manual skills. At the level of gripping an object or simply releasing it. He will exercise the coordination of his two hands at the same time to achieve a precise goal established in his thought and his spirit.

    It is proven that this game is an engine for the development of creativity and imagination. This will allow the child to develop creative thinking in all its forms.

    He will also learn to solve problems, it is the principle of trial/error which is an excellent learning method. When creating his constructions, baby will have to look for and find solutions to make it stand upright and show you his pretty creations.

    This activity also allows them to learn ‚Äúsharing‚ÄĚ, when they play with their brothers and sisters or with their friends at school. He will strengthen his social skills by sharing coins, marbles, bricks and helping each other, etc.

    jeu de construction jeu de construction en bois jeu de construction magnetique boutique jeu éducatifs l'enfant malin

    (photo credit:@canva wooden construction game)

    Encouraging independent play is also a very good thing for your child, you need to know how to let your child play on his own so that he really leaves room for his thoughts and his imagination. A child who plays alone will progress just as quickly. Both are extremely important. Don't try to play with them at all costs. Ask him for his opinion.

    In the numerous educational games present on the market, the construction game plays a very important role. Many health and childhood professionals recommend this type of game and toy to boost the development of your children on many essential points for the future. Every baby and child will need toys and games that are well suited to their age.

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