What toys for Christmas 2022?

What toys for Christmas 2022?

Like every year, you wonder what you can put under the Christmas tree for your children? Educational toys are timeless items that you can’t go wrong with.

  • What gift for Christmas for children?
  • How to choose gifts for your child?
  • Which toy is in fashion?
  • What are the toys of the moment?

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    What gift for Christmas for children?

    It's still a real headache to find the right gift for your children's Christmas. We are all faced with this question: what toy for Christmas?

    Despite the list of toys and gifts that your child has given you, the question still arises of knowing what you are going to be able to give him or her. That it is both fun, useful and why not that it helps him progress according to his stage of development according to Jean Piaget a biologist and psychologist well known for his work in psychology of development.

    The toys and educational games seem to be an excellent option to bring together all the desired aspects. Today there are a multitude of types of educational toys and games, many collections are adapted to the age of your children and their stage of development.

    The key now is to make the right choice of toys for gifts and at what price.

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    How to choose gifts for your child?

    children love waking up on Christmas morning and discovering what awaits them under the tree. Despite the short list that he will have made for Santa Claus, you will obviously have to make a choice because it may be a little too long for your budget.

    To choose the right gifts and toys for your child for Christmas, there are several important criteria to respect, such as choosing a gift suited to their age, a toy that will make them happy, but not only that. .

    Buying toys at Christmas that will take you a long time to assemble and get them working is not a very good idea in terms of practice. You risk losing the magic of the Christmas present and getting bored at the same time. However, you can always assemble it beforehand so as not to make your child wait too long, especially if he or she is not very patient.

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    What toy is fashionable?

    We will not talk about a single toy but about a collection that is very fashionable this year and which will please your children every time. Theconstruction gameseems to have taken a very important place in thetoyandeducational games market.

    The construction game with several categories such as the wooden and magnetic construction game are really unbeatable for this Christmas 2022.

    The benefits of the construction game are numerous and offer endless creative possibilities to children while developing their autonomy, fine motor skills and dexterity. Very often evolving, this toy, whether wooden or magnetic, is a real tool for the development of your children in addition to being fun, they are therefore extremely playful.

    The magnetic construction game of the year 2022 is undoubtedly the Magnet-Me from L'Enfant Malin which has seen its success grow week after week.

    jeu de construction magnetique jeu magnetique construction magnetique

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    What are the toys of the moment?

    We have selected for you the top 10 toys of the moment to help you in your gift search for this Christmas 2022.

    • Mosaica Box, wooden construction game

    This magnificent wooden construction game has earned an important place in the collection. With its superb colors, your children and each member of the family will be surprised by the finishes of this toy.

    jeu de construction en bois enfant malin boutique en ligne jeux Ă©ducatifs

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    • MyCube™, wooden construction game

    The great classic in the wooden construction game category. Give your children the opportunity to express their creativity freely. One of the best and most popular toys in this collection, Mycube™ has become the benchmark.

    jeu de construction en bois blocs de construction en bois cubes bois jeu bois construction boutique en ligne jeux Ă©ducatifs l'enfant malin

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    All young children, girls and boys alike love toys with small wooden animals. A real booster of imagination and creation, this wooden construction game will really please your children or can be used as a decoration for the beautiful Christmas tree 2022.

    jeu de construction en bois animaux en bois animaux bois enfant boutique en ligne jeux Ă©ducatifs l'Enfant Malin

    (photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)

    This game made up of magnetic building blocks is a real challenge and puzzle for your children as well as for you. Many colors and variations are available at a very affordable price for a gift idea.

    jeu de construction magnetique jeu magnetique bloc magnetique cube magnetique construction magnetique jouets enfant malin jeux Ă©ducatifs

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    • RainbowCactus™, magnetic construction game

    This magnetic construction game Montessori offers multitudes of possible combinations for the greatest pleasure of children. This promises long moments of guaranteed creation.

    (photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)

    One of the most popular magnetic construction games of the year 2022 and will undoubtedly make one of the most interesting gift ideas for this Christmas 2022. The varieties of colors and shapes and its many pieces will appeal to both girls and boys.

    jeu de construction magnetique jeu magnetique enfant jeu construction magnetique

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    • MemoryBox™, wooden board game

    The memory game par excellence for real family fun. Get together around a table for fiery games where all members of your family can participate.

    jeu de societe en bois jeu de société bois jeu enfant adulte jouet enfant malin boutique en ligne

    (photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)

    One of the best value for money in this selection, the wooden puzzle CreaPuzz™ is a puzzle not only for children but also for parents. Many colorful tangram style pieces for the enjoyment of the whole family.

    puzzle en bois puzzle bois enfant jeu de societe famille parent enfant adulte boutique jeux Ă©ducatifs l'Enfant Malin

    (photo credit:@L’Enfant Malin boutique)
    • TangraPuzz™, wooden puzzle

    A countless number of shapes and colors, for boys and girls alike. One of the best toys and gift ideas for children to enjoy. Even adults can play very complex tricks. A pleasure for the whole family.

    puzzle bois puzzle en bois puzzle enfant boutique jeux Ă©ducatifs L'Enfant Malin

    (photo credit:@boutique L’Enfant Malin)
    • MagnetPuzz™, maze puzzle

    Discovering the cute wooden puzzles, for boys and girls alike. With lots of colors it is one of the toys at an affordable price for this Christmas 2022.

    casse tete puzzle bois puzzle enfant puzzle bois enfant boutique en ligne enfant malin jeux Ă©ducatifs

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    I hope you found the perfect gift idea or toy for your 2022 Christmas. Remember that finding toys should remain a pleasure for you in order to bring joy and smiles to your children’s faces. If this reading interested you, I strongly invite you to read our article on educational games but also what games to play as a family for Christmas 2022.

    I wish you a happy holiday season and enjoy your family to the fullest.

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    • Tous les ans, nous sommes inondĂ©s de pub TV et les rayons jouets sont de plus en plus consĂ©quents ! Difficile de faire des choix. Alors merci pour cette liste de jouets intĂ©ressante et pour tous les gouts. Le LabyrinthBall est mon prĂ©fĂ©rĂ© !

      Julien Mas on
    • Liste très intĂ©ressante, je pense que je vais personnellement m’orienter sur le jeu de construction magnĂ©tique, mon fils de 4 ans devrait bien s’éclater avec. Est-ce que vous pensez que je dois prendre un petit pack ou le mĂ©dium pour un enfant de 4 ans ?

      BĂ©atrice on

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