What types of educational toys are most effective for children's learning?

What types of educational toys are most effective for children's learning?

educational toys are of interest to more and more parents. Indeed, they help the child to develop better, whether from a physical or psychological point of view. So, what types of toys are most effective for teaching children something?

Age-appropriate toys that meet the child’s interest

The first point to consider when choosing an educational toy is the age of your child. In fact, you should know that for a child from a few months to 2 years old, you need games that stimulate fine motor skills whereas from 5 years old, you need games that exercise the imagination.

You also need educational toys that correspond to the child's interest. Remember that every child learns in a different way. Additionally, even though children of the same age are generally interested in the same things, what your child wants to do may not be the same as another child. So, make sure you know your child’s interest before choosing.

jeu éducatif jeux jouets éducatifs boutique l'enfant malin apprentissage

(source: Canva pro, educational games)

Educational toys that develop the senses and teach life lessons

You should also favor educational toys that can help the child or baby to develop and explore their senses. Indeed, if you have a baby a few months old or a toddler, you can turn to brightly colored toys, toys that can produce different noises.

jeu éducatif musical apprentissage et développement des sens de l'enfant malin boutique

(source: Canva pro, musical educational games)

The most effective are also toys that can offer your child experiences to accompany them in real life. Indeed, there are, for example, construction games that allow you to develop your logic. Of course, this is an example, but you still have very wide choices of games at your disposal.

Educational games that improve skills and increase the child's IQ

You should also choose educational games that can help your child develop their innate talents or increase their intelligence quotient. For young children, for example, you can turn to games that allow you to learn to read, to know new words, new things, a new language, etc.
In the case of a new language, the younger the child, the better. From 3 years old, we recommend the ABC Game™, a very fun and engaging English vocabulary game.

jeu et jouet d'apprentissage de l'anglais début enfant jeux éducatifs jeu éducatif

(source: L'Enfant Malin ABC GAME educational games store)

Also think about games that help the child develop their skills and social performance. There are board games of all kinds. In any case, remember to carefully study your child's needs and interests in order to find the most effective educational games and toys.

Exploration games and construction games

There are many categories of educational toys. So, there are exploration games that you can choose for your child. These games consist of motor games such as balls, bicycles, rollerblades, etc. These are the best options for developing motor skills. There are also games intended for the development of fine motor skills such as fittings, pawns, pincers, etc.

Concerning construction games and assembly games, they are also effective in developing motor performance. In addition, they also allow you to practice analysis and logic skills. There are modeling clays and puzzles, very effective creativity games.

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(source: L’Enfant Malin educational games store MAGNET-ME)

The Magnet-Me™, magnetic construction game, is totally in this spirit of analysis and of logic. Scalable magnetic game for children from 2 years old to 10 years old.

Imitation games and board games

Of course, there are also games that help develop psychological and social skills.

  • Imitation games which also exercise the imagination. You can choose games such as role-playing games and role-playing games: figurines, playhouses, dolls, etc. With these toys, your child can invent a story, role play,...
  • Don't forget board games and games with rules. These not only help develop the child's performance and social relationships, but they also contribute to the development of intellectual abilities. In short, the most effective educational games are those that suit your child perfectly.

Hopefully this article has been able to provide you with some answers.Our next article will deal with puzzles for adults and children, to discover in preview here!

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