Why are wooden toys better for children than plastic toys?

Why are wooden toys better for children than plastic toys?

Why are wooden toys better for children than plastic toys?

Should we favor wooden toys over plastic play accessories? This is a question that comes up regularly among parents. Compared to plastic toys, wooden toys were perceived as old-fashioned. But, over time, the situation has changed. Wooden play accessories are becoming more and more popular. What explains this craze?

A safer alternative for toddlers

For parents, safety is the main criterion when buying a toy. It is therefore essential to select a toy adapted to the child's age. Children tend to handle their toys roughly, which can cause them to break or scratch them. If a child mishandles plastic toys, they risk breaking into a thousand pieces. In this case, the pieces of plastic turn out to be dangerous. The little one risks swallowing them or injuring himself.

Unlike plastic game accessories, wooden ones are more durable and more resistant. Your little one won't be able to break it easily. Wooden toys are preferred for young children.

jouets en bois jeu de construction bois jeux traditionnels

(Credit: lenfantmalin.com - Wooden toy Les BricoRigolo™)

A beneficial accessory for the environment

Every year, millions of plastic products are produced in France. They are the source of several kilos of plastic waste each year. Unfortunately, this problem also occurs in many countries in Europe. In the United Kingdom, for example, millions of tonnes of plastic waste are flooding the country. Among the broken and wasted plastic materials, there are toys.

To reduce these numbers, wooden toys are an excellent alternative. By choosing wooden toys from sustainable sources and made from certified wood, parents help reduce the amount of plastic waste. When children no longer use their toys, they can be reused by other generations. As these toys are made from natural materials, they will be easier to recycle.

Wooden toys are more durable

In the hands of a child, toys undergo different shocks. Little ones tend to hit them, throw them on the ground, bang them against other toys, etc. In other words, they like to mistreat their toys. Plastic toys that undergo these impacts will be damaged easily, while wooden toys are more resistant. They are more robust.

A profitable alternative in the long term

In stores, plastic toys are offered at a cheaper price than wooden toys. However, in the long term, wooden toys are more interesting than plastic ones. Quality wooden play accessories are more durable and more robust. Parents will not be forced to purchase toys regularly, as often happens with plastic toys.

As wooden toys are more resistant, they can be resold when little ones no longer use them. They may also be put on sale in stores specializing in second-hand accessories. Since wooden toys are rarely electronic, parents will not have to purchase batteries frequently. This will save money on the wallet.

jeux éducatifs en bois écrouvisse pour les enfants cadeau de noel

(Credit: Wooden game - EcrouVisse™ creative games)

An easy-to-customize accessory

Have you just bought a yellow toy for your child, but he doesn't like yellow? If you have purchased a wooden toy, you can easily repaint it or cover it with varnish. You won't have to return it to suit his tastes. Once the toy is repainted with the child's favorite color, they will never be able to part with it.

To personalize the toy, you can organize a fun workshop setting. Encourage your child to repaint the toy or to draw patterns of their choice on it. This will be an opportunity to stimulate your imagination.

An easy element to integrate into the decoration of a room

Whether on Pinterest or Instagram, wooden toys are easily integrated into the decoration of a child's room. They constitute real decorative objects. Even if your children no longer use them, you won't have to store them in the back of the cupboard. All you have to do is use it to decorate the child's bedroom and to bring a real identity to the room. Wooden toys can easily be passed down:

  • Within siblings;
  • From generation to generation.

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