Why play board games?

Why play board games?

A board game is by definition a game that is played with several people. It has become a must-have for bringing family or friends together around a table to play against each other. It is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together and promotes communication between members of the same family.

The advantages of the board game:

  • get together with family or friends
  • Strengthening family ties
  • Stimulate the competitive spirit
  • Stress reduction
  • Easy to carry with you everywhere
  • brain development


    The first traces of the board game date back to 2600 BC. Composed of a tablet and small pyramid-shaped dice. It would be a course game called the royal game of Ur, discovered by Leonard Woolley in the 1920s.

    (Photo credit: Zzztriple2000 on English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0)

    The ancient game was not at all focused on childhood at that time, it was more of a "ritual" game linked to religions and intended to prepare individuals for death. The games that are played by the majority of the population are rather based around sport.

    History also tells us that one of the oldest games known from ancient Egypt to date is Egyptian Senet It was played by the ancient Egyptians of the new empire.

    Nefertati playing Senet. Painting in the queen's tomb

    Senet Egyptien

    (Photo credit: Maler der Grabkammer der Nefertari — The Yorck Project (2002) )

    We all agree that playing is part of life right? Whether you are a child, a teenager or even an adult. Playing should be part of our life.

    We all have a different pace of life and we know how difficult it is to be with the members of your household gathered around a table to share an activity or even a meal. Take the time to play with your children or your partner. During the fun, your children will also develop skills.

    The board game is very entertaining and allows all the members of a family to come together for a beautiful moment of sharing between smiles, joy and competition. Take advantage of this to strengthen family ties.


    jeu de societe enfant adulte parent partage parentalité boutique en ligne jeux éducatifs
    (photo credit: @canva board games)

    One of the important benefits of socializing with children is the development of their memory and cognitive skills. Several areas of the brain such as the prefrontal cortex will benefit in particular from board games. By starting from a young age, you would help the brain to retain and build cognitive associations until a very old age.

    For young children, fine motor skills will be used when moving pieces on the game board, for example. They will have to demonstrate dexterity.

    boutique jeu Ă©ducatifs enfant malin jeu de societe enfant
    (photo credit:@canva board games)

    The children's board game have a very important place in the development of children's brains as well as their health. By encouraging your children to play board games, you would help them in improving their verbal and communication skills.

    It is an essential tool also for the development of their capacity for attention and concentration for much longer periods.

    For young children, fine motor skills will be used when moving the pieces on the game board, for example. They will have to demonstrate dexterity.


    The advantages of children's board games are considerable: they allow parents to have essential conversations with their children, to develop their interpersonal skills and to

    t30> strengthen their confidence and cognitive abilities. Everyone wins!

    jeu de societe enfant  et parents boutique en ligne enfant malin
    (photo credit: @canva board games)

    In a world where online gaming has become commonplace, you, parents, are always looking for different ways to keep your children occupied away from screens . If you want to satisfy this desire to play, why not direct your children towards a children's board game?

    By sharing a moment with your children, they will be able to see you play too. Play has a very important place in life for both children and adults. You would transmit to them through the game values ​​such as respect, competitive spirit, remaining humble during your victories and a good player during your defeats.

    Learning to lose is an excellent thing, from a very young age it is important to make your children understand that playing does not necessarily mean winning every time.

    collection de jeu de societe pour adulte et enfant boutique en ligne de l'enfant malin
    (photo credit: boutique board game collection L'Enfant Malin )

    Your children will be able to learn essential lessons for their future. Moreover, in defeat, you will be able to explain why and find solutions together to improve, that’s perfect, right? It's a very good way to empower children so that they don't always blame others.

    Learning patience is also an important point in the board game, waiting your turn to play, also knowing how to work in a team, improving your reasoning, taking the time to t30>communicate and understand. It is a real tool for social development.

    Your child will also be able to learn to follow the very precise rules of the game and instructions.


    It's not that complicated, a child simply needs to be stimulated by an adult at the beginning and then will very quickly get into the game. Show them your enthusiasm for playing a construction game or a puzzle, naturally your child will be interested himself.

    jeu de societe boutique jeu Ă©ducatifs enfant malin parents enfants
    (photo credit: @canva board games)

    Children love to do what adults do so start a little game with your partner and it will immediately arouse curiosity for your child who will only ask one thing: to play with you. From there, you have already won the game!


    Are you stressed on a daily basis? So adult board game can be a wonderful solution for you. It’s a very good way to relax after a long day at work for example. The game generally allows you to relax and take a little time for yourself.

    It is not complicated to obtain an adult board game such as checkers, Cluedo or even chess. Play it regularly and you'll be surprised how much more responsive your brain is. You will have reaction and response times much faster than average.

    boutique en ligne jeu Ă©ducatifs jeu de societe adulte
    (photo credit: @canva adult board games)

    One of the many benefits of board games for adults is the fight against cognitive decline which is associated with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It is essential to always keep your brain active, it needs daily training in order to stay strong in the long term.

    It has been proven by numerous studies that people who played board games daily were much more keen in terms of responsiveness.

    Every child, in any home in France or elsewhere, will enjoy sharing a moment of play with their parents. Since they were babies, games have been part of their daily life. Playing a board game before sleeping is like reading the good books from our childhood. This will allow them to sleep better and have a little moment of learning like each of the activities or hobbies that you will find on the l'Enfant Malin store.

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    • Le jeu de sociĂ©tĂ© est une vraie tradition chez nous tous les dimanches (ou presque). Ravi de voir des articles de ce genre. Je pousse vivement les parents Ă  partager ce merveilleux moment avec leur enfant !

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