Wooden construction game, the reasons for their success

Wooden construction game, the reasons for their success

Wooden toys have been making a comeback in your home for several years, we will see together several reasons why the wooden construction game in particular has enjoyed unparalleled success and is an essential educational game.


  • Accessible from a very young age
  • Transmitted from generation to generation
  • Develops imagination and creativity
  • Games with timeless design
  • It is ecological and sustainable
  • Guarantee of quality

    jeu de construction en bois bloc construction bois boutique jeu Ă©ducatifs enfant malin

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    12 months, your child discovers that he can make noise by simply hitting two blocks or two cubes together. He therefore improves his motor skills and will also have fun destroying all the monuments that you build for him to stimulate him.

     Around 18 months, the wooden construction game will take on its full meaning because he will begin to stack them and manipulate them. At this age he is aware that he can balance a wooden building blocks or cubes on top of each other and will be very happy to try it again experience countless times. This is why musical activities are also very stimulating for your child at this age.

    jeu de construction en bois blocs de construction bois boutique jeu Ă©ducatifs l'Enfant Malin

    (photo credit: @canva wooden construction game)

    From 2 years old, as his dexterity and his fine motor skills improve, he will be able to stack more blocks, allowing him to realize that he is capable of building on his own. He will start to use his creative mind and his imagination by pretending that the wooden cube is a toy car for example or anything else that comes to mind.

    Around 3/4 years old, your child will take more and more pleasure in having fun with his wooden construction game. He will begin to create structures with wooden objects or cubes that will resemble landmarks from the real world he lives in. For example, he may consciously try to reproduce houses despite his age.

    jeu de construction en bois blocs de construction bois boutique l'Enfant Malin

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    One of the many advantages of the wooden construction game is that it can be passed down from generation to generation. Its indefinite lifespan, unlike games with electronics, for example, makes it a quality choice.

    We have all already found old games and wooden objects from our parents. Unlike the plastic game, the wooden construction game, the wooden toy,  are stronger and will stay in your family.

    Wooden toys are made to last over time. It is an ideal gift for little children who are still very curious. These are the perfect type of toys and activities for children to develop.

    There are many wooden construction games on the market to suit all budgets. Today the “cheap” argument no longer needs to be taken into account as the accessibility and prices of wooden toys are affordable. A few euros more for quality toys, there is reason to ask the right questions.

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    Play, as a general rule, is a driving force for development throughout childhood. It is very important to stimulate your children's imagination and creativity with different toys and educational games. The advantage of the wooden construction game is that children can constantly use their imagination to create ever different and increasingly complex structures and improve their skills.

    This is an opportunity for the child to create their own little world with scenarios straight out of their imagination. You will be surprised to see what your children are capable of when you let them play alone after motivating them to play. The development of skills will happen naturally, children will create their own reality.

    Did you know that the more flashy a toy is and the less stimulating it will be for children? With the type of toys that are electronic or too “flashy” you restrict the creative side of your children.

    Always remember that a good toy doesn't need gimmicks, go to the basics. This is one of the reasons why a wooden construction game, planks, bricks or even just a wooden puzzle is an excellent choice.

    A very good article on "how to develop creativity" can be found in the magazine Naitre et Grou.

    jeu de construction en bois blocs de construction en bois buchette en bois blocs bois jouets en bois

    (photo credit:@canva wooden construction game)

    For an overview of all the advantages of construction play, do not hesitate to read our article dedicated to this subject.


    By spending a little time on social networks or in toy stores, you will realize that there are more and more wooden toys that have made a comeback. The Montessori learning method of Maria Montessori is very popular. Of course, for their design but also and above all for their impact on the environment.

    It is obvious that the more demand for wooden toys, wooden construction sets, wooden building blocks, the less plastic toys will be used. This will obviously allow toy manufacturing companies to use plastic much less. It's a virtuous circle.

    The wooden construction game is more durable. By logic, by the time a child uses up a single wooden toy, he or she would have already worn out several made of plastic. Don't you think this is a huge waste of money?

    Despite the regulations put in place, plastic toys still require the use of certain products and ingredients which are not good for the health and safety of your baby and your children. Remember to protect the planet as much as your children.

    écologie et durabilité

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    We can all agree that the wooden toys of our childhood are those with which we played for long hours. Our parents like our grandparents did the same and believe me your children will do the same thing. In a world where new technologies and electronic toys have taken a big place.

    The design and beauty of a wooden toy is unrivaled, a real decoration in the different rooms of the house for some of them it is in addition to being solid and durable, timeless. You will never get tired of a wooden toy.

    jeu de construction en bois jouets en bois boutique de jeu Ă©ducatifs L'Enfant Malin

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    Although the years go by and technologies evolve at an incredible speed, wooden toys such as the wooden construction game and the wooden puzzle are resisting to our greatest happiness. Our timeless wooden educational games will remain present for several generations to come. Think about the planet, think about your children!

    We hope you enjoyed this article where we have tried to summarize some important points about jwood construction and why favor them.
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