Wooden Montessori Games: Learn and have fun at the same time!

Wooden Montessori Games: Learn and have fun at the same time!

Montessori Wooden Games: Learn and have fun at the same time!

Do you want your child to develop his mental faculty from an early age? Don’t hesitate to offer him Montessori games. Indeed, they are toys that look distracting, but in fact, their purpose is to educate them. How can a game be both fun and educational?

Some examples of wooden Montessori games that you can offer to your child

The goal is not for him to become a genius, but to teach him to be patient and to persevere. Make sure he always succeeds in what he does. To do this, choose a game that makes sense for its development. There are 3 categories of Montessori games, each of which is intended to guide a child in a specific direction.

Among these games, you have manipulation games which aim to develop motor skills, but also hand-eye coordination (construction games, puzzles, games of shapes and colors, etc.). Discovery toys that help develop children's curiosity (discovery boxes, mineral collections, microscopes, etc.). Finally, sensory development games such as musical instruments for listening, the box touched for shape, texture games for vision, etc.

cube en bois jouets en bois jeu de construction en bois pour les enfants

(Credit: lenfantmalin.com - Wooden building blocks - MyCube™)

The advantages of Montessori games

Above all, you must not forget that it is a toy. A toy is made for fun. The educational goal comes only second. Indeed, if you see your child playing with a Montessori game, it means that he is learning. He spends time in front of it, much more than with any other toy, your child will then benefit from the following advantages.

Your child is starting to be autonomous and independent. He tries to explore and discover his surroundings according to his rhythms. After a while playing the game, he will understand how it works and his hand-eye coordination will become synchronized. When he begins to understand what is around him, he will become curious and want to discover everything. He goes beyond playing and starts rummaging around the house.

The objectives of Montessori games for a child

The main objective of Montessori games is to allow the child to better integrate into the world around him and to be able to tame it. If we look at the question, this game allows the child to:

  • work and discover through pleasure,
  • open up to everything around you,
  • act according to the situation,
  • overcome the tensions linked to socialization and its frustrations,
  • learning your objective within a society,
  • develop a family and social culture,
  • develop your talents (build, create, transform),
  • have a lively mind,
  • work on concentration.

How to play a Montessori game

You know that these are educational games in general. However, if you let yourself be guided by your emotions, your child will never be able to find his way. When a child plays, he plays at his own pace. He enjoys every moment he spends in front of his toys. You should never intervene unless your child asks you to. This means that he wants to understand something, but cannot figure it out.

Children are not like adults, always pressed for time. They want to have fun. Children don't see the educational side of Montessori games. All they see are toys and when it comes to play, they are happy. That’s all you need to see in your child: no anger, no stress.

jeu de construction en bois jouets bois pour les enfants

(Credit: lenfantmalin.com - Wooden toy Les BricoRigolo™)

The top 5 Montessori games for babies in 2023

Children's curiosity develops with the generation. Today, a 3-year-old can successfully solve a problem that a 5-year-old couldn’t do 10 years ago. Hence the choice of these best Montessori games for babies for this year 2023.

For a 6 month old child, you have the “Sweety Fox Montessori” consisting of 23 pieces. There is also the “Oderra Busy Board”, it is an educational book to sharpen a baby's fine motor skills. The “My Montessori calendar”, activity cubes for a 6-month-old baby, baby awakening. Finally the “Starry Tiger”, a game for a child aged 2 to 5.

In our next article, we will again deal with educational games and in particular the advantage of using them: The benefits of using educational games for young children

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