Wooden toys for young children: how can they help in development?

Wooden toys for young children: how can they help in development?

Wooden toys for young children: how they can help in development?

wooden toys for children have been sidelined to make way for plastic toys for several years now. However, lately they are back. Manufacturers made in France have put all their know-how into designing wooden toys that follow the trend and which would allow the child to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally, even despite their young age.

Wooden toys are resistant to multiple handling

The Montessori wooden games are made with resistant materials. They are durable and can be passed down between siblings, sometimes even from generation to generation. It is this great durability and stability that makes the difference between plastic toys and wooden toys.

These promote the creativity and awareness of young children, especially since they can play as long as they want. When they get older, the same toys will allow them to create much more real scenarios. As they grow older, wooden toys will have a more complex use depending on their age.

By helping the child boost their imagination

wooden toys also develop the child's imagination. They will be the ones who control the game and not the other way around. They will use their creative minds to imagine game scenes. No matter the wooden toy, they will find a way to include them in their play:

  • Small cars,
  • Puzzles,
  • Toys in geometric shapes,
  • The blocks.

By combining the wooden toys, they will begin learning the most complex theorems. By stacking, among other things, Montessori wooden play blocks, they will unconsciously learn the law of gravity in physics.

An ability to develop the child's practical skills

One of the bases of Montessori pedagogy is to let the child learn by himself. With wooden toys, he will develop his imagination and be able to invent small scenarios in the game and thus improve his practical skills. The wooden dinette will allow them to carry out household tasks such as cooking or washing the dishes. They can play trader by using wooden blocks to substitute money. This will help the child play while learning the basics of daily life.

Toys that help children become more sociable

Plastic toys will tend to enclose the child in a bubble. They have sound effects and light effects that will captivate children's attention. They will be able to play completely on their own with these. Ultimately, when they are used to solitude, living in society will be difficult for them.

With Montessori-type wooden toys, since they make no noise, the child will have to do it himself. He will also want to find a play partner to interact with him. These wooden toys intended for children promote their ability to communicate and socialize with others.

By improving the motor skills of young children

Toys are designed by having different sizes, shapes and colors. For a young child, it will be difficult to grasp an object that is larger than their hand. However, with practice, he will find the most efficient way to grasp the object. Thus his fine motor skills will be more and more developed.

Wooden toys also develop coordination between the child's hand and eyes through the creation of shapes from wooden cubes, among other things. If you also want advice for your child to learn to solve small problems, offer them wooden toys.

By developing the child’s sense of logic

The child will be able to use their wooden toys unlimitedly. They can play any activity with it. In this case, the sense of logic and thought will be very much in demand. He will be able to reproduce shapes that he would have seen before. To do this, he will have to use his memory. He will judge for himself whether what he has just done is close to what he saw or not. For young children, it is a very good way to stimulate their thinking skills.

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