Children's puzzle, a top educational game?

Children's puzzle, a top educational game?

The puzzle is a real development tool for young children. Accessible from a very young age, it is a TOP educational game. For what ?

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Gain autonomy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Concentration and attention
  • Memory improvement

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Why do puzzles for children?

There are many types of educational games, one of the best; the children's puzzle, which brings a significant improvement in hand-eye coordination, the practice of fine motor skills, help with concentration and patience in young children.

Concerning fine motor skills, they are really used when they grab the pieces of the child's puzzle. Thanks to this, all the small muscles in baby's hand and fingers will be used to grasp it.

With time and practice, baby will become more precise and will be able to grasp smaller and finer pieces. This is why for very young children it is recommended to give them a wooden children's puzzle with large pieces to get started. This will also protect baby from suffocation. This is of course valid for all games or toys. Never leave a child unsupervised.

The children's puzzle is part of the fun games and will also allow them to learn to solve problems and become more patient. A clear improvement in ability to concentrate and attention was noticed in children who played with educational games or board games like wooden puzzles from a very young age. It is very important to have these types of activities in the family home and for every child to participate. Precious family time that is priceless for your child and will remain in their memory.

puzzle enfant puzzle bois bebe puzzle éducatifs boutique de jeux éducatifs L'Enfant Malin

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In order to facilitate concentration and especially interest in the educational puzzle with your children, it is very important to introduce them to nature for example or the animal world. Favored the very colorful wooden children's puzzle is one of the best ways to stimulate them.

Take the time to play with them, talk to them and explain to them during the activity what they are doing. It is very important for a parent to find their place in the child's play without being too intrusive. Find the right balance between the educational game independently and the one with you. Even if he asks for you, you will see that after a few minutes he will play in complete autonomy and he will be the first to want to play it again.

Why do children like puzzles?

The children's puzzle is fun, this is one of the main reasons for its success among all children's toys. They will be motivated, attentive and happy to play with puzzles if you provide them with colorful wooden puzzles. The child will look for solutions and improve his skills to solve problems.

You will need to know how to stimulate and motivate them, be present with them from the start of the puzzle and show them how proud you are of what they are doing. Lead by example, take a few minutes. This also allows you to have a good time with your family, for example by taking turns playing. Multi-player puzzle is a great activity.

The puzzle is also a relaxing activity for both a baby and an adult. Playing educational games or board games in peace is very important for a child and his development.

Thanks to this educational game, he will develop his patience while working on his fine motor skills. As they grow up, their approach will be more intellectual. He will need a cardboard puzzle with many more pieces in order to develop his memory and all his cognitive abilities.

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Baby wooden puzzles

For the first puzzle for children aged 12 to 24 months, ‚Äúbuilt-in‚ÄĚ puzzles should be preferred. baby wooden puzzles with large pieces that are easy for your baby to grasp. This is when children's fine motor skills begin to develop. This is why the wooden puzzle with built-in construction is the ideal activity for babies aged 1 and over.

At this age, wooden puzzles are made up of between 3 and 10 pieces with fairly simple shapes such as squares, triangles or circles to make the task easier for baby and allow him to develop his

t43>hand-eye coordination smoothly.

The baby wooden puzzle is one of the best educational games for babies aged 1 and over. It is presented as a great educational game/toy and is therefore very fun.

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Why do puzzles in kindergarten?

The figures show that by starting to do puzzles from a very young age, children develop benefits both physically and psychologically. Several cognitive abilities are put to the test when practicing this activity in order to achieve their goals.

By developing their concentration and organization skills, the child will learn to organize themselves little by little by sorting the different pieces of the puzzle whether by color or size. With the children's puzzle, he gently improves and strengthens his logic and memory skills. Which makes it an essential point for learning how to solve problems calmly and with patience.

From a very young age, while playing the puzzle, your child will have to find the solutions little by little and reason logically to be able to "fit" their puzzle and recreate the image of the puzzle. He will turn the pieces in all directions to find the solution. This will allow them to learn different shapes and colors and more complex curves.

One of the many advantages of the children's puzzle is gradually gaining self-confidence. Your child will be proud to take on the challenge and show you their result. Be there to stimulate and encourage him. All parents should set aside a few minutes a day to play with their children.

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Which puzzle is 2 years old?

From the age of 2, babies progress very quickly. He is already able to have fun with children's puzzles containing around ten pieces. The wooden puzzle is a very good solution, but your child will quickly lose interest if he has been used to doing wooden puzzles from a very young age. He will quickly need to take on bigger challenges so you must quickly move on to another type of puzzle.

You can slowly begin to integrate the cardboard puzzle with richly colored illustrations such as farm animals, wild animals or the marine world. Children are extremely sensitive to the animal world.

In all cases, whether it is a board game, a simple toy, cards or any activity, it is always essential to stimulate interest in educational games for children. It is simply important to make them curious and provide them with the appropriate educational toys according to their development so as to never restrict them in their awakening and learning.

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Why are animal puzzles so popular with children?

It was found that animal puzzles were very popular with young children and all members of the family. Sensitive and curious about the animal world, most children have a fascination for animals. It is very interesting for parents to educate their children about nature and animals by playing puzzle-type games or board games for example. Animals remain one of the best subjects, both educational toys and puzzles.

Many themes around the animal world are now available. Whether you, parents, like the marine world, African animals, farm animals or simply domestic animals, you will undoubtedly find animal puzzles in line with your preferences to help your children discover them. children. A children's favorite is the dinosaur puzzle. This fascinating animal from another time which is often available in several types of wooden toys and numerous accessories at reasonable prices.

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Did you know that studies have proven that pets can influence the social, physical skills and cognitive development of your children? To learn more about this topic, I discovered this very interesting article that I am sharing with you.

Cognitive development: how pets stimulate children's brains.


Learning while having fun has definitely been more interesting for children since the dawn of time. The educational puzzle has been one of the top educational games for a long time, accessible from a very young age, the use of the children's puzzle for their good development is no longer in question. It will allow the child to learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes and the alphabet. Traveling through the years and ages, the puzzle remains one of the key activities to do as a family.

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I hope this article has been able to tell you a little more about the children's puzzle and its benefits for children's development.Perhaps you would like to¬†continue reading with the article ‚Äú Puzzle: what are the benefits for children ‚ÄĚ or ‚Äú Wooden puzzle, benefits for all ages ‚ÄĚ

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