Wooden puzzles: why they are more durable and fun

Wooden puzzles: why they are more durable and fun

Wooden puzzles: why they are more durable and fun?

puzzles come in all kinds of materials, including wood. It is also the most popular material thanks to its many advantages. In addition to being timeless, it is a natural, recyclable and eco-responsible product. These types of puzzles have a lot more to offer besides fun compared to games made from plastic or other materials.

Wooden puzzles are durable.

All parents probably notice that children are sometimes hard on their toys. You indeed have at least one broken toy in your house. wooden toys have the advantage of being more solid and resistant given that they are made of quality wood. They are therefore difficult to damage. For younger children, wooden toys are a great idea. Plus, if your child gets them dirty while playing, this type of toy is easy to clean.

By opting for wooden puzzles, you are investing in an object that will last a long time. They can also be used by several children. Not only are wooden toys loved by children, but they can also be passed from one generation to another.

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(Credit: lenfantmalin.com - Wooden puzzle - ReflexionBox™)

Wooden puzzles develop skills

The more children engage in educational games, the more most turn to real-life scenarios. For example, they can play with wooden food toys and household items during a dinner party. In addition to being fun, these games develop their real-life skills. They can also learn the alphabet with educational wooden games. They can use wooden objects and their imagination to learn practical skills.

In fact, wooden sticks can serve as currency when they buy or sell other wooden pieces. The color and shape of the object can also help them imagine the corresponding item in real life. For example, red circles refer to tomatoes.

Wooden puzzles accompany you throughout life

Buying wooden puzzles means investing in a durable, ecological and versatile object. To this end, the object will be able to grow with your child. He will accompany him from his earliest years until his adulthood. Younger children can play simple games and have fun with wooden toys. Montessori wooden puzzles are the best known and most widespread on the market. Older children can handle more complex educational games.

They can integrate them into discussions about geometry and use them for problem solving. The more your child's skills and mental abilities progress, the more the use of the wooden game also evolves. Most wooden puzzles come with age ranges. However, wooden puzzles are suitable for all ages.

Wooden puzzles improve coordination

Thanks to their basic shape, wooden puzzles contribute to the development of children's hand-eye coordination. Some activities require children to pay attention to distance and placement, namely:

  • building towers out of wooden blocks,
  • positioning the parts to prevent the structure from tipping,
  • threading a string through a series of wooden beads,
  • skill games,
  • built-in cubes, etc.

These games highlight the concept of above, below, side, up and down. When children complete wooden puzzles or create patterns, they will see how objects fit together. And this significantly improves their eye-motor coordination. You will find the best coordination games on L’Enfant Malin.

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(Credit: lenfantmalin.com - Building Blocks - MyCube™)

Wooden puzzles are safe and quiet

When your child plays with wooden toys, you don't have to worry about their safety. For good reason, these wooden puzzles are designed to be safe. Indeed, most wooden toys are solid and do not break easily. There is therefore no risk of your child being injured by playing with it or swallowing it. It is also because of its strength that it is so durable.

Similarly, unlike plastic, wooden games are generally non-toxic, that is to say BPA-free.

This is explained by the fact that it is a natural and ecological material. In addition, wooden puzzles are also unlikely to cause noise pollution. Certain educational games can certainly generate noise, such as construction games. The absence of noise also helps children concentrate.

To learn more about improving your child's multi-level skills, read this article: "Multi-Level Puzzles: How They Can Be Used to Improve Solving Skills problems at several levels."

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